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GoGreen@ DHL Freight: Explore the Green Future of Logistics

Sustainability in logistics is about much more than solar cells on the terminal roof, electric delivery vehicles, or shipping cartons made from recycled materials. It requires holistic solutions that cover all aspects of logistics value creation. GoGreen is such a holistic concept. Get to know GoGreen with our interactive graphic and take a step into the future of logistics already today.

The Diverse Sustainability at DHL Freight

The interactive presentation includes both existing and future innovative solutions for logistics. Holistic implies that everyone – colleagues, partners, and customers – is involved in GoGreen and that all business areas are covered. This is how we can achieve DHL Group’s shared goal of zero logistics-related emissions by 2050 and reduce our carbon footprint by 30% until 2030 along the way.

To give you an overview of DHL Freight’s comprehensive sustainability efforts, we have categorized our technologies, activities, solutions and products into different subject areas.


Transport logistics depends on vehicles. Innovative vehicle technology is consequently a main lever for DHL Freight to become more sustainable. Electrical and hydrogen technology for propulsion play a role here, as do bio-LNG, bio-CNG or hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO). Inductive charging and intermodal transportation concepts also contribute to the sustainable transport strategy.

Green Products

A green flagship product for our customers is the GoGreen Plus Service. With carbon insetting, DHL Freight invests in green technologies and fuels and avoids emissions directly within its own network. In addition, our customers can reduce their carbon footprint through trustworthy offsetting. With carbon reporting, companies can also find out how many emissions are genuinely caused by the logistics service.

Reduction of Energy Consumption and Waste

Less is more – this is the guiding principle when it comes to energy and waste. Energy-efficient logistics terminals are equipped with intelligent heating and lighting systems. Even a simple constructional solution can turn out to be extremely smart: Just a few glass elements in the roof of a building reduce lighting requirements and thus energy consumption. Paperless operating processes, reusable shipping boxes, and consistent waste separation reduce the waste volume.

Energy Sources

As for the energy sector, the use of renewable energy to generate electricity is a major factor in stopping global temperatures from rising. DHL Freight is continuously increasing the share of green energy in its entire network and will generate more and more green electricity itself with our own rooftop solar panels. We are also engaged in projects promoting innovative battery and hydrogen solutions.

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions make the planning and execution of transportation more efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly: for instance by means of big data analytics, forecasting models, and artificial intelligence (AI), all of which facilitate the needs-based provision of resources and help preventing bottlenecks: through algorithms for the load building, to make efficient use of vehicle capacity; or through software tools for route planning to reduce traffic volumes and emissions in the delivery process.


Certificates such as ISO 14001 certification in environmental management confirm that our company complies with ecological standards. The DHL Green Carrier Certification helps us to increase the sustainability of our subcontractors. And finally, we are training our employees. A certified “GoGreen Specialist” at DHL Freight understands sustainable best practices and supports the introduction of innovative eco-friendly solutions.

Involvement of Colleagues and Natural Environment

Staff activities such as collecting garbage together strengthen environmental awareness and promote team building. Working from home is also potentially environmentally friendly as it saves commuting and resources – an option that DHL Freight already offers many colleagues. And we are doing our part to conserve biodiversity. We are greening our roofs and planting trees on our premises or provide space for beehives.

Sustainability in Detail: Our interactive GoGreen Graphic

Find out more in our interactive presentation. Click through the sustainable future of logistics at DHL Freight.


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