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Green certificate for sustainable logistics: The new DHL Green Carrier Certification


The transition to sustainable transport solutions is one of the central challenges and tasks of the 21st century – a huge project! A green certificate for sustainable logistics will help DHL Freight achieve greater transparency with regard to its service partners and their progress towards greater sustainability. With DHL’s Green Carrier Certification, one of the largest logistics providers in European road transport is helping drive the green transition. Read on to learn more!

DHL Freight is introducing its green certificate as a way to make measureable the sustainability efforts of its subcontractors. As part of the company’s GoGreen strategy, DHL Freight launched its new initiative to help promote sustainable logistics. “With Green Carrier Certification, we create greater transparency across the supply chain as well as greater transparency regarding service partners and their sustainability measures. This will allow us to expand and intensify our work with the green certified subcontractors,” explains Carolin Schaps, Head of Strategic Projects  at DHL Freight. “DHL Green Carrier Certification is one of the milestones on our Sustainability Roadmap and an important prerequisite for the next steps.”

DHL Freight on the road to a sustainable future

DHL Freight’s goal is to completly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the company’s carbon footprint within the next decades. To this end, the company will continue to expand its portfolio of sustainable products and foster partnerships with those subcontractors already advancing progress towards the green transition. A green certificate such as DHL’s Green Carrier Certification helps identify the right subcontractors for such partnerships. “In the medium term, information from the DHL Green Carrier Certification will allow us to further fine tune the carbon footprint calculation for customers,” says Dr. Christoph Schönwandt, Head of GoGreen. For the green certification, DHL Freight conducted preliminary surveys of its service partners regarding their sustainable transport solutions and strategies.

Dr. Christoph Schönwandt“Starting in early 2021, we surveyed more than 600 selected service partners in Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands regarding their performance in the area of sustainability and were surprised by the positive response. Nearly 80% of the companies we contacted shared information with us about their efforts in the area of sustainable logistics processes. As a result, we can already present the first subcontractors with their green certification this year.”

Dr. Christoph Schönwandt, Head of GoGreen at DHL Freight

Partner activity in the area of sustainable logistics allows DHL Freight to assume more responsibility in sustainability and climate change, while also recognizing subcontractors for their efforts. Over the long term, DHL Freight customers also benefit from DHL Green Carrier Certification as their supply chains become greener and greener. “On our journey towards more sustainable transport solutions, we at DHL Freight are always on the lookout for innovations and transparent solutions for our customers and our environment. And it’s important to involve our service partners along the way to ‘zero emissions’ in 2050,” says Schönwandt, explaining the company’s plan.

Presentation of the first green certificates marks a milestone that will be reached in Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands by the end of 2021. 70 DHL Freight service partners have been recognized for their sustainability efforts and will be receiving their green certificate in November. In the coming months, subcontractors in additional countries will also be surveyed and then gradually receive their certification.

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