Tag: Digitalization

Here's some real fake news!

DHL websites that aren’t from DHL? Deutsche Post payment systems that we never created? Cybercriminals misuse our trusted brand for [...]

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Logistics after the virus: We aren’t in Kansas anymore

Corona has left a lasting impression on international supply chains. When businesses resume trading, a planned ramp-up is key. Questions [...]

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Saloodo! How you benefit from the digital freight platform

The digital freight platform Saloodo! brings shippers and transport companies together. Every step of the process is digital, convenient and [...]

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Technologies that connect everyone - DHL Freight Terminal for the Future

Forklift trucks that can weigh goods, automatic surveying systems that save manual effort and transmission errors, self-propelled vehicles that use [...]

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The first milestone has been set

DHL Freight successfully implements new Transport Management System “EVO” in France. Evo becomes DHL Freight’s single operational IT platform for [...]

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Quo Vadis - Logistics 2020?

What will the year 2020 bring for logistics? What challenges are we facing? Logistics is a good reflection of our [...]

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