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Green Logistics White Paper: How companies can achieve their climate goals

A clear goal in mind: driving green logistics forward

There is a lot of potential for emission savings in road transport. DHL Freight is well aware of this, which is why it is more important than ever that everyone pulls together: the company, the customers, the freight carriers, the commercial vehicle industry and the infrastructure providers. DHL Freight is at the forefront of innovative developments in green logistics and companies benefit from solutions along the entire supply chain, such as:

  • Online tools for measuring and reducing emissions. These tools provide shippers with a calculation of all emissions generated during the processing of their order in advance.
  • Product enhancements such as DHL Freight Eurapid as the first carbon-neutral premium service for groupage shipments. Since fall 2020, DHL Freight has expanded its product portfolio and customers pay nothing extra for this green option.
  • Engagement in climate protection projects to neutralize logistics emissions. Companies that participate in these projects receive a recognized certificate confirming that they have achieved offsetting.

Such a turnaround in freight traffic will not occur overnight. We have a clear goal in mind and we really must all work together now.

Antje Huber
SVP Marketing and Strategy and responsible for Green Logistics at DHL Freight

Implementing goals means gains for companies and the environment

In green logistics, results count. Here DHL Freight has a lot to show for itself:

  • Trucks powered by liquefied natural gas are used on long-haul routes.
  • In Berlin, fully electric 7.5 t trucks are being tested for inner-city delivery.
  • Attachments are used on trucks and trailers to improve aerodynamics in order to reduce fuel consumption (examples include "boat tails" on trailer tailgates or special teardrop-shaped attachments).
  • The partners and subcontractors used in long-distance transport were evaluated and classified in terms of environmental performance in 2019.
  • DHL Freight creates transparency about the CO2 footprint of the entire transport chain by creating CO2 reports for customers.
  • By 2025, 80% of DHL Freight employees will be trained as certified GoGreen specialists. Almost 3000 employees have already completed the corresponding basic training.

DHL Freight will start where the greatest efficiency improvements are possible. This applies from pickup to delivery. Various solutions are used to minimize or avoid logistics-based emissions along the entire supply chain.

Proactive, clean solutions

  • save resources,
  • reduce costs,
  • stand for sustainability, innovative strength and quality, and
  • are implemented efficiently and transparently at DHL Freight: Your commitment is easily calculable. So is the benefit for your company and the environment.

Green Logistics White Paper: How to make your transports measurably greener

The Green Logistics White Paper provides you with introductory insights concerning:

  • which tools you can use immediately to establish your emissions balance,
  • which technologies DHL Freight implements to ensure greater climate efficiency - in its terminals, on the road and in vehicles
  • and how DHL achieves its emission targets through international climate projects.

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