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DHL Sustainable Logistics Summit in Valencia Attracts More than 1,000 Participants

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When it comes to sustainability, DHL puts its words into action. DHL presented its own progress in this field at “The Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit” in Valencia at the end of April. But the event was about more than that: that is, the sustainable future of the entire logistics industry. At the DHL Summit, more than 1,000 participants came together to discuss the development of cleaner, greener logistics.

Exchange on Green Logistics and the Future of Supply Chains

Valencia is the “European Green Capital” for 2024. The title is awarded each year to a major European city that has made particular progress in terms of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. A place more suitable for “The Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit 2023“ could hardly have been chosen by Deutsche Post DHL Group.


Pictures and videos of the event can be found here.

More than 1,000 international delegates – including decision makers, thought leaders, stakeholders, partners, and customers from various companies and industries – used the unique platform from April 25 to 27, 2023, to share their visions, best practices, and practical experiences. The goal of all participants is to develop cleaner, greener logistics.

This summit has been a landmark event on our way to collectively building a more sustainable future for us all. Across industries and borders we have spent three days exchanging, connecting, and collaborating together towards the common goal: the development of cleaner, greener logistics.Katja Busch

Katja Busch, DHL Chief Commercial Officer and Head of DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

The summit sends a clear message: change is possible. DHL and the summit participants want to keep the world moving with better and greener logistics. This will benefit businesses and economies alike, as well as our planet.

Over three days, visitors to “The Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit” participated in more than 25 masterclasses, listened to more than 50 speakers, and explored eight interactive and themed exhibition zones.

DHL Wants to Be a Pioneer in Green Logistics

An effective movement needs powerful driving forces. DHL took the opportunity of the “Sustainable Logistics Summit” to present its own progress on the road to green logistics:

  • Electrification: DHL already uses more than 30,000 electric vehicles for delivery worldwide. DHL has also ordered twelve all-electric cargo aircraft.
  • Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF): Deutsche Post DHL Group has purchased over 830 million liters of SAF – 18.5 percent of the global SAF production in 2022.
  • Building construction and technology: The DHL Supply Chain division operates more than half of its buildings in a carbon-neutral manner (52.1 percent). 76 new buildings were planned and constructed to be climate-neutral in accordance with the latest guidelines.
  • Customer services: DHL Freight customers can choose sustainable transport and shipping alternatives with GoGreen Plus services.

What is more: The DHL GoGreen Dashboard now provides major customers with a new opportunity to better measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions across all areas of Deutsche Post DHL Group. The free application creates transparency in accordance with recognized industry standards (e.g., GLEC Framework or ISO 14083). All of a company’s CO2 emissions can be accessed quickly and easily via a single interface that is customized to the client’s needs.

These are all important milestones that have been achieved since March 2017 – since the launch of “Mission 2050”, with which Deutsche Post DHL Group is committed to reducing all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. For its part, DHL Freight has developed the DHL Freight Green Technology Roadmap to achieve this goal. The roadmap specifies the stages with clearly defined concepts and innovative technologies that will bring DHL Freight ever closer to zero emissions in the short, medium, and long term.

The DHL Freight Green Technology Roadmap includes green certification programs for partners, digital tools for more sustainable route or load planning, the implementation of drive technologies with reduced emissions, or intermodal concepts to expand the share of rail in freight transport.

I am proud that we are an important driver of sustainable change in our industry.Uwe Brinks DHL CEO

Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight

It is still a long way before we reach our goal of climate neutrality, but we want to take it step by step. One important insight after “The Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit 2023” is that the sustainable future of logistics can only be shaped and achieved together with our customers and partners.

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