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Long-haul with natural gas


DHL Freight is starting to use four trucks powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Belgium and with that brings environmentally friendly transport to it's long distance road freight. These vehicles produce significantly less emissions than conventional diesel powered trucks. The Deutsche Post DHL Group has a clear target with regard to climate protection: improving CO2-efficiency by 50 percent till 2025, compared with 2007 numbers. Vehicles with alternative drivetrains and technologies like Liquefied Natural Gas Engines play a significant role in this context. Four LNG-powered Iveco Stralis will run on long-haul transports for DHL Freight Belgium in the near future. “As an excellent long-haul alternative to diesel, natural gas provides a great opportunity for DHL Freight to become front runner in sustainable road freight shipping,” said Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight. “It offers the chance to reduce greenhouse gas and particulate matter emissions, in addition to benefits such as noise reduction and cost savings. With IVECO’s natural gas powered trucks, we can now provide customers with additional options for environmentally friendly long-distance transport and further contribute to DHL’s GoGreen environmental goals.”

Sustainable Supply Chain

The trucks have a permissible vehicle gross weight of up to 40 tons and a range of up to 1,500 kilometers. The engine is rated at 400 HP with a torque of 1,700 Nm, both figures which are only 20 HP and 400 Nm beneath the values for diesel engines on this truck. The vehicles will be employed to create a more sustainable supply chain for one of the world's largest developers and sellers of athletic footwear and sportswear. The customer himself is ambitiously working on minimizing his environmental footprint by focusing on energy, chemistry, water and waste in it's entire supply chain. Besides the LNG-Trucks, the trial of two all-electric Fuso eCanter trucks around Berlin and fuel saving superstructures like the teardrop trailer are among further tests and development projects run by DHL Freight. The aerodynamic shape of the latter reduces fuel consumption by six to ten percent.

Advantage LNG-Drivetrain

The pollutant emissions of a LNG-truck in comparison to an equivalent diesel powered vehicle:
  • Particulate matter emission: -99 percent
  • Nitrogen dioxide emission: -96 percent
  • CO2-emission: -10 percent
  • Noise pollution: -50 percent

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