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How You Can Benefit from GoGreen Plus

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time – and it affects all of us. However, it is not equally easy for every industry and every company to reduce their respective ecological footprint. With GoGreen Plus, we offer you the opportunity to reduce emissions in a simple way thanks to insetting – exactly where they occur. Your investment goes 100% into the use of green technologies within our network.

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Go Green Plus
Go Green Plus

Reducing emissions: Simply book GoGreen Plus as an addition to our existing range of logistics solutions and benefit immediately from our climate-neutral shipping with local avoidance of emissions

Go Green Plus

Green leadership: With our certificate, you can demonstrate your contribution to climate protection and present yourself to your customers and partners as a future-oriented company

Go Green Plus

Contribution to a green future: We make environmental protection in transport as easy as buying green electricity – and with our reporting we always keep you up to date on your personal contribution

Go Green Plus

The Next Level of Climate Protection

GoGreen Plus reduces emissions directly where they occur – thanks to insetting.

  • Supports climate projects worldwide
  • No direct avoidance of emissions locally
  • Investments in climate protection in nations that are less developed
Insetting (GoGreen Plus)
  • Investing directly in the value-added chain of DHL Freight and its customers
  • Direct avoidance of emissions where they occur
  • Direct investment in green technologies and fuels in our network

This Is the Future You Are Investing In: Our Sustainability Roadmap

Through insetting, we invest your expenses for GoGreen Plus directly and 100 % in the sustainability of our logistics solutions – and thus in the sustainability of your shipments. Every investment contributes to our goal of reducing our emissions to 0 by 2050. Together, we give the green light for a green future.

Go Green Plus

Examples of Our Investments

Go Green Plus
Long-distance road transport without fossil fuel in Gothenburg and Jönköping, Sweden, using an all-electric Volvo FH heavy truck with a total weight of up to 60 t
Go Green Plus
Together with a sister company of Deutsche Post DHL Group, DHL Freight in the UK operates trucks with hydrogenated vegetable oil and reduces emissions by 90% compared to diesel
Go Green Plus
The first two battery-powered 16-ton vehicles are in operation at our Erlensee freight center in central Germany in 2022 to gain new insights for regular operations, particularly with regard to charging performance
Go Green Plus
Together with service partners, DHL Freight runs more than 200 LNG trucks in Germany, which will be gradually converted to bio-LNG in the future

Invest in a Green Future
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For more information on the GoGreen Plus service for your road freight transports, please contact us. Let's make the future greener. Together. With GoGreen Plus.