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Digital Logistics and its Impact on Your Business

All over the world, digitization is leading companies and industries into a new era. Logistics is no exception. Quite the contrary: the supply chain benefits in particular from the collection of data, the automation of processes, and from increased stability. “Digital Logistics” opens up new opportunities for the industry and its market participants. Companies and customers alike will take advantage of this.

Our partner Saloodo! runs a blog and has provided sound answers to essential questions: What actually is "Digital Logistics"? How can logistics companies become digital, and what are the implications of this change for them?

Digital robotics working with humans.

“Consumers expect smooth operations from sale to delivery. Reputation is vital, and companies utilizing technology to stay ahead of the curve will succeed.”

Daniel Mahnken, Head of Corporate Communications at Saloodo!

Check out the full article here:
Digital Logistics: What Is It and How Does It Affect Your Business?

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