Long-haul with natural gas

[DHL Freight is starting to use four trucks powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Belgium.

26. June 2018 / Reading time: ~ 1 Min.

Are E-Trucks the future?

[More and more truck manufacturers are betting on E-Drives. Established brands and newcomers alike find themselves in a neck-and-neck race.

24. May 2018 / Reading time: ~ 1 Min.

Enjoy the silence

[Electrically-powered trucks are an important element in air quality improvement in major cities. As a driver of innovation in environmental protection, DHL Freight is starting an endurance test with the first heavy production vehicles.

20. December 2017 / Reading time: ~ 1 Min.

Zero emissions in practice

[Logistics with zero emissions is an ambitious goal. But how is that zero calculated? Standards are required. Homogeneous measurement methods across all modes of transport are important. If these are missing, progress can be hindered.

22. August 2017 / Reading time: ~ 1 Min.

E means effective

[In addition to passenger transport, the introduction of electric mobility to freight transport is also essential. This will enable goods transport to join the environmentally friendly movement. Positive examples show that the industry is on the right track.

3. August 2017 / Reading time: ~ 2 Min.

Electronic power for better Business

[DHL relies on customer-oriented customizations of technologies such as electronic data interchange (EDI) for the best connections on the road. Lessons learned from new projects quickly benefit all customers.

2. June 2017 / Reading time: ~ 1 Min.

Zero-emission logistics by 2050

[GoGreen, the environmental protection program by the Deutsche Post DHL Group, is working well. The current environmental target of a 30 percent CO2 efficiency increase compared to 2007 has been achieved – four years ahead of schedule. So, it’s time for new goals, and they are even more ambitious ...

11. April 2017 / Reading time: ~ 1 Min.