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Volta Trucks: DHL Freight Tests Electric Trucks for the Last Mile

DHL und Volta Trucks kooperieren

Putting People first: For DHL Group, this has always been a crucial prerequisite for our role as pioneers in logistics. We shape logistics for people, with people – and with Volta Trucks, we are now testing an electric truck in our DHL Freight branch in Cologne that embodies this vision like no other.

Volta Zero: Sustainable and Safe on the Last Mile

Volta Trucks has developed the Volta Zero, an electric truck designed for regions where people are the top priority. And the truck showcases this in various ways: The utility vehicle is battery-powered, resulting in significantly reduced noise pollution and zero CO₂ emissions in urban and suburban traffic on the last mile.

Based on an annual mileage of 40,000 km over eight years, this prevents the emission of 194.5 metric tons of greenhouse gases. That is equivalent to nearly 100,000 kg of burned coal.

Thus, the Volta Truck test aligns perfectly with DHL Freight's Decarbonization Strategy. At the core of this strategy are solutions and technologies that can help us achieve the ambitious goal of zero-emission logistics operations by 2050—where electric mobility plays a pivotal role.

Focus on Safety

However, DHL Freight is not only concerned with the CO₂ emissions of conventional trucks. Their use in urban areas can also pose risks: Their design results in significant blind spots where pedestrians may be overlooked. Additionally, the high entry on the roadside presents ongoing risks for drivers in city traffic.

In the Volta Truck, the driver is positioned in the center, providing a wide 220-degree field of vision. Through cameras, the driver enjoys a 360-degree bird's-eye view, ensuring constant awareness of pedestrians. The lower seating position puts the driver at eye level with other road users, facilitating easier communication.

DHL Freight Is Testing Volta Zero in Cologne for Several Weeks

Volta Trucks shares DHL Freight's ambitions to develop sustainable, safe, and efficient logistics solutions. Hence, we are testing the Volta Zero at our location in Cologne for several weeks starting in the second half of August. The Volta Zero will be deployed within a 50 km radius around the distribution center. This will show us how the futuristic-looking electric truck tackles the daily challenges in logistics.

One thing is already clear: Thanks to the enhanced visibility, the Volta Zero is a real advantage for truck drivers. Moreover, the additional digital control interfaces in the vehicle provide further relief in stressful traffic situations. For those seeking to counter the shortage of truck drivers, the Volta Zero presents a compelling argument in job postings.

People Are Our Top Priority: In the Truck and on the Road

The Volta Zero is an electric truck for people. It promotes sustainability in logistics, enhances driver safety in the truck, and pedestrian safety on the road. As pioneers in the use of electric trucks for a sustainable tomorrow, we are testing the model’s abilities to operate in the future. One thing we can already reveal: The Volta Zero's appearance is already firmly rooted in the future.

The picture shows (from left): Dr. Thomas Vogel, CEO DACH, UK & IE DHL Freight, Usuf Schermo, Area Sales Manager Volta Trucks, Wolfgang Schwarz, Area Manager West DHL Freight, Dr. Antje Huber, SVP Strategy, Marketing and Chief of Staff DHL Freight, Dennis Schneider, Head of International Key Account Management and Anders Röine, Global / Regional Key Account Manager Volta Trucks

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