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Truck Driver Shortage in Europe

Lkw-Fahrer Mangel in Europa

The shortage of truck drivers in Europe is getting more and more challenging, both for hauliers and the whole industry. Since the pandemic started a big increase on the demand side is expressed and with a stricter mobility package from EU on the way, the shortage might even become more critical. Find out more about the shortage of truck drivers and DHL Freights in this article.

The shortage of truck drivers in Europe is constantly increasing, which can cause severe problems in the Freight industry. Many hauliers are experiencing problems getting enough drivers and in the meantime, their customers have an increasing number of orders which causes huge pressure on the businesses. The rebound in demand in Europe recovering from the current pandemic is causing widespread challenges on the supply side. Because of this intense pressure, the capacity has been stretched thin and businesses start having delays resulting in a slowdown. All of this creates a domino effect, which makes the shortage of drivers even more salient than before.

Shortage of truck drivers: Young workforce missing

Data from industry associations show that the shortage of heavy truck drivers is widespread in Europe, with a shortage of 400,000 in the EU. This situation could worsen due to the aging of the workforce (the average age of truck drivers is over 50) and the difficulty of recruiting young people. It is said that the shortage of EU drivers is caused by low wages, a bad image of the job among young people, and a poor treatment of workers. 

Many worries that the crisis may deepen when the stricter EU commercial road transport labor law (the "mobility package") takes effect in February. The regulations will enable truck drivers to qualify for the minimum wage in each member state. They can work in most jobs outside their home country, enjoy a minimum rest period, and the trucks have to return to their hometown once every eight weeks. The mobility package may, on the one hand, end up making the haulier’s business more complicated because of salaries that depend on each country their drivers work in as well as a potential need for more trucks as their trucks have to return to their hometown every eight weeks. This should increase their safety, as well as benefit their health through reduced exposure. On the other hand, the new regulations might also improve the image of the industry and promote recruitment. 

The profession of being a professional driver brings many advantages for young talents: In addition to good chances of being taken on, practical training with involvement in office procedures, top trainee programs with special support, there’s the positive forecast of rising salaries due to the shortage of drivers. Professional drivers can also count on a great deal of self-determination of their daily driving routine: Whether listening to audio books or podcasts, making hands-free phone calls, or meeting colleagues at rest stops – the driver community is one big family taking over the roads. 

Truck Jobs Europe

Forwarders select their customers

For a long time, it has been a challenge finding Hauliers – now more than ever. The market has changed completely, going from being a matter of demand to being a suppliers market. Today it is the hauliers who have to make a decision of who they cooperate with due to their lack of drivers. An example of the situation can be showcased by one of our current hauliers who in 2020 had 40 trucks in use, but currently only 30 of these on the roads because drivers are missing. Together with the high volumes of freight and lack of drivers these trends are becoming more and more critical, which makes the topic especially important to find a solution.

DHL Freight as a great partner in case of drivers shortage

DHL Freight is aware of the actual development and is trying to solve the challenge by being more attractive to potential hauliers. Thus, we offer a better package for the hauliers than before. For instance the package includes economical perks and other perks that make DHL Freight a partner closer to the hauliers. Furthermore, services such as fast payment, diesel discounts, leasing deals, and likewise, are offered. A strategy DHL Freight will stand for with all its heart: for logistics of the future.

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