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Eight Minutes to Share Your Opinion! Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023 Begins

​​Navigating the challenges of logistics is a team effort! To support you, we dive into the following question every single day: How can we fine-tune our services even more to match your demands and boost your company's success? On top of our regular conversations with you, we conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey—and we're really looking forward to having you participate!

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023

Our customer satisfaction survey is an annual recurring initiative through which we gain a deep understanding of how we can further optimize our services and products for you. Through the regularity of the survey, we can also observe how your satisfaction evolves over the years and assess the long-term success of our measures.

Every customer satisfaction survey spawns hundreds of innovations with the aim of making you, our customers, even more content. We develop new ground-breaking products and revamp processes.

Our 2023 survey will start next week—and you will have the opportunity to initiate the next round of optimizations with your feedback. It will not take much time: In just eight minutes, you can assist us in tailoring our services even more closely to your needs.

Your Opinion Matters!

On Tuesday, September 5th, you will get the invitation: As a DHL Freight customer, you will receive an email from the sender—if not, you might find it in your spam folder! We are sending the customer satisfaction survey email to all customers from 26 countries who have collaborated with us in the past twelve months.

The customer satisfaction survey covers a wide range of topics—from DHL Freight's performance to strategic future matters and market peers. There are tasks for evaluating, sorting, and categorizing, as well as open-ended questions, so you can share your opinions with us in detail.

How Do You Benefit From Participation?

Rest assured: Your participation makes a positive impact! Not only do you help us further optimize our services and products for you and other customers, but we will also donate a sum to our mission 2050: Zero Emissions for each participant. This enhances the sustainability of our work and, in turn, the environmental-friendliness of your logistics.

We believe: Those are eight minutes well invested—and we want to express our gratitude for your time!

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