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International Business Drives Growth at Deutsche Post DHL Group

DHL Konzernergebnisse

DHL Freight is growing in the crisis! Last week, Deutsche Post DHL Group published its operating results for the year 2022. The revenue of DHL Global Forwarding, Freight increased from 22.8 billion euros in the previous year to 30.2 billion euros. With total revenue of 94.4 billion euros, the Group exceeded the record figure from the previous year by 15.5 percent.

Global Forwarding, Freight.

Largest Revenue Increase from DHL Global Forwarding, Freight

The international business of the DHL divisions was responsible for the jump in sales: DHL Global Forwarding, Freight achieved the greatest growth with an increase in revenue of 7.4 billion euros. This was followed by DHL Express with a rise of 3.4 billion euros to 27.6 billion euros. DHL Supply Chain improved its revenue by 2.5 billion euros to a total of 16.4 billion euros. In contrast, the domestic business of the Post & Parcel Germany Division experienced an expected slight decline in sales – from €17.4 billion to €16.8 billion. The e-commerce business in particular boomed during the pandemic, but this situation has now largely returned to normal. In addition, the scope for price adjustments in the letter business is only limited.

In a challenging environment, we have demonstrated resilience and innovative strength. Our course and our strategy are right. Our thanks again go to our employees for their extraordinary commitment in a demanding year.

Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group

EBIT increased by 5.7 percent from 7.9 billion euros to 8.4 billion euros and net income by 6.1 percent from 5 billion euros to 5.3 billion euros. But there are also other reasons why the year was very successful.

All Sustainability Goals Achieved

As part of its Strategy 2025, Deutsche Post DHL Group pursues both clear and measurable targets in the fields of environment, social issues, and responsible corporate governance, all of which have been accomplished.

  • Deutsche Post DHL Group has saved 1 million tons of CO2e.
  • Employee satisfaction was 83 percent, exceeding the target of 80 percent.
  • The certification rate for compliance training for middle and senior management was 98 percent (target: 97 percent).
  • The proportion of women in middle and senior management rose to 26.3 percent (target: 30 percent by 2025).
  • The accident rate fell from 3.9 to 3.4 percent (target: 3. 1 percent by 2025).

Deutsche Post DHL Group invested a total of EUR 4.1 billion in its operating business, digitalization, and sustainability in 2022. The electric vehicle fleet grew by 7,000 to a total of 29,000 units, and the construction of CO2-neutral delivery bases and sustainable DHL Freight terminals was expanded. Further investments were made in e-commerce fulfillment solutions for the growing online retail sector, sorting capacities, and additional technologies to automate workflows.

Outlook for 2023

With these positive results, we can look back on the past year with some pride and see the successes as motivation for the years to come. In the medium term, the Group expects further growth. However, the current economic situation continues to require prudent action.

The slowdown in global growth dynamics is reflected in our earnings outlook. For this reason, we are taking a particularly prudent approach in the first half of 2023 and are focusing on our earnings and cost management.

Melanie Kreis, CFO Deutsche Post DHL Group

One thing is clear: the challenges of the current economic situation are manifold. However, we not only focus on the financial indicators that are relevant for our future development, but also on the sustainability of our work. Business success and social progress must always go hand in hand. As a pioneer in logistics, we are setting a good example.


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