Germany defends top position

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The World Bank's Logistics Performance Index scores the world’s leading logistics locations. For the fourth time in a row, Germany achieves the first place in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) and is stregthening therewith its good reputation as a top logistics location. On top of this, three additional European countries attire the second to fourth place: Sweden, Belgium, and Austria. Newcomers to the top ten include Japan, Denmark, and Finland. By contrast, Hong Kong, the US, and Luxembourg are no longer among the leaders. The LPI evaluates more than 160 countries worldwide and regularly examine how efficiently goods have been moved within and across national borders. This year the LPI values in high-income countries were on average 48 percent higher than those of low-income countries. Among the low- and middle-income countries, large economies such as India and Indonesia, as well as emerging economies such as Vietnam and the Ivory Coast occupy the top spots.

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