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Women@Freight: Lisette Nap

“Women@Freight” is a series that showcases women from all areas of the business. This time: Lisette Nap, Managing Director DHL Freight Netherlands.

Name: Lisette Nap
Country: The Netherlands
Position: Managing Director
Began working at Freight: July 1, 2023
Hobbys: Spending time with the grandchildren, singing, leading workshops, boating

How did your career at Freight begin?

I joined DHL in February 2020 as DGF Global VP, Transformation & Governance Sales. And with just a small team, we delivered some very impactful projects. But after three years in the role, I was ready for new challenges, so I talked to various divisions and stakeholders within DHL Group. I ultimately chose DHL Freight because I was lucky enough to be offered my dream job – Country MD. It’s a role I have aspired to for years, and somewhere I can really use my 20+ years of experience.

Tell us about your typical day at work.

My main job is to foster an agile, forward-thinking mindset within the team, so that we can all give our best and deliver first-class customer service. I want customer focus to be at the heart of everything we do. To make this a reality, my workday includes problem solving, coaching, interacting with customers, strategic market positioning, implementing environmental initiatives, managing budgets, and communicating growth strategies. I make sure we have efficient procedures and comply with all regulations. I also want to create a trust-based environment in which we continuously improve as a team.

Women@Freight Lisette Nap

What do you particularly appreciate about your team?

Freight Netherlands is a team of more than 330 colleagues. Made up of a diverse mix of cultures and personalities, together they create an inspirational daily working environment.

The team has weathered some tough situations in the past few years and has come out the other side stronger and united as “ONE team”. They are nothing short of experienced, hands-on, resilient and driven.

What advice would you give to women who want to join Freight?

To anyone who is ready for that next career move, here’s my advice: build your network and use your contacts effectively, recognize opportunities and grab them, don't underestimate your ability to grow and develop in a role, and finally – as is so often the case in life – just do it!

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