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Saloodo! is the smart solution for shipments to Turkey

Recently, the digital freight platform Saloodo! took connecting transportation companies and shippers in the local language with goods to send to Turkey to the next level. Logistics operations in this important region now benefit from maximum efficiency in terms of costs and ease of processing.

Shipping goods to and from Turkey can now be organized more easily and cost-efficiently

The digital logistics platform Saloodo! is currently activating its online service in Turkey. This makes organizing shipments from/to or via Turkey even more efficient in terms of costs and handling. Saloodo! is the first digital platform in the region to offer transport companies and shippers an extremely user-friendly opportunity to work together. The constantly expanding startup provides its users with many benefits:

  • Shippers can choose from a wide range of service providers for their shipments to Turkey: This simplifies and accelerates the commissioning process enormously.
  • Transport companies can now make better use of their truck capacities on routes to Turkey.
  • With its dynamic price calculator based on real-time data, Saloodo! ensures optimal price transparency and helps the carriers to make their shipping offers more competitive.
  • Saloodo! is the sole contact for processing and invoicing for all parties involved. This means quick and easy handling, which is important for all those who want to engage in the dynamic opportunities of the economically emerging region.

It is exciting to launch such a powerful product in Turkey. Saloodo! will emphasize DHL´s strong brand on the Turkish market with a proven track record in Europe and the Middle East.

Ayşe Sağlam Uçar, Senior Marketing & Corporate Communication Specialist (© DHL Freight)

Advantageous for small and large transport firms in Turkey

Murat Kavrar, Managing Director DHL Freight Turkey, especially appreciates that Saloodo! supports companies of all sizes in their search for reliable and trustworthy transport companies. "The Saloodo! driver app also improves communication with drivers, from the initial order to the delivery of the goods," he adds. Such functions optimize the logistics processes for small businesses as well as for large corporations.

With its real-time functions, Saloodo! ensures greater transparency and efficiency in our region's transportation network.

Murat Kavrar, Managing Director DHL Freight Turkey (© DHL Freight)

Another innovation is the dynamic price calculator. Based on real-time data, this allows transport companies to submit competitive bids, which ensures fast orders. Shippers, in turn, are offered an unprecedented opportunity to have their goods delivered for less.

Turkey is a key country for the transport of goods

Saloodo! has noted an increasing demand for smart logistics solutions in Turkey. "Turkey is a key market for us,” says Dr. Antje Huber, Managing Director of Saloodo!. “As a gateway to Asia it is economically highly relevant."

Saloodo! has already successfully launched its digital platform in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. "We are constantly working towards our vision of a smart and digitalized logistics world. That's why we are continuing to expand into more and more markets that benefit from our innovative solution," explains Antje Huber.

Turkey is not only an important gateway to Asia. Overall, it is a dynamic market. The demand for clever, efficient, and smart logistics solutions is increasing in the country, and now Saloodo! will be fully accessible in Turkey!

Dr. Antje Huber, Managing Director Saloodo! (© DHL Freight)

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