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Customers with special requirements


Deliveries to the Vatican have to follow their own specific rules The size of the target location is certainly no problem: The smallest independent state in the world measures a mere 0.44 square kilometres and has a population of less than 900. And it lies in the middle of the fourth largest city in Europe. That is why special rules apply for deliveries to the Vatican, presenting a unique challenge for the logistics specialist DHL Freight. It begins with the very strict safety regulations within the Vatican. Only a few, specially certified service providers are actually allowed to make deliveries here. DHL Freight faced up to the respective process and implemented the necessary workflow in customer service, which transmits the numberplate of the delivery vehicle and the freight papers to the authorities in the Vatican at least 24 hours prior to delivery. Exact information on the identity of the driver, including ID and driving licence data, are also required. “In order to make the procedure as easy and fast as possible despite the circumstances, we sat down together with our subcontractors and the administration to discuss the issue. Now, an e-mail with the relevant details will suffice as a notification. That makes the whole process much leaner than if we were required to provide the notification by other means”, explains Lucia Morandi, Head of Marketing & Customer Service DHL Italy. She continues: “The whole delivery process is handled with care by our branch in Rome and with the reliable support of our local special Supplier.”

Smooth flow

But the notification procedure is by no means everything: The transport vehicles are subject to further restrictions when entering the Vatican. Deliveries are possible only after previous appointment, and only within certain time frames and along predetermined routes. Furthermore, not all areas within the small state can be reached by truck. That is why some of the goods are repacked on special pallets, so that the recipients can still receive their shipments on their doorstep. The smooth flow of deliveries to the Vatican shows how DHL Freight adapts well to special conditions. For customers, the vast experience of the global logistics specialist has the advantage of not having to worry about anything themselves. On time and without any problems, the deliveries arrive at their destination – even if it is in the smallest country in the world. Incidentally, the increased administrative effort is reflected in the freight rates: Deliveries are classified in the most expensive destination zone, no matter where the goods actually come from – but then again, the destination is probably one of the safest places in the world.

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