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New Parcel Lockers in Sweden Enhance DHL Freight’s Delivery Network

Increasing capacity and service quality for e-commerce customers is a key element of DHL Group’s global strategy. In line with this expansion strategy and in response to the growth of the Swedish e-commerce sector, DHL Freight is developing its Swedish out-of-home delivery network and investing substantially in new parcel lockers. This move marks DHL’s strong, long-term commitment to the Swedish market.

Strong Trend towards E-commerce in Sweden

The continued popularity of online shopping is being reflected in rising parcel volumes around the world, including Sweden. The most recent parcel index from the association of Swedish transport companies (Transportföretagen) shows an increase in national parcel volumes of almost 9% in 2023. In addition, there is a growing demand from Swedish consumers for alternative delivery options, especially for parcel lockers.

The flexibility of the lockers, their availability, pricing, service level, and sustainability are critical to current and future consumer behavior. DHL Freight and DHL Group are dedicated to investing in the parcel locker network to further improve the quality of service for online retailers and their customers and to meet changing shopping and shipping preferences.

E-commerce is constantly evolving, and at DHL, we are evolving alongside it. As we expand our presence in the Swedish market, we aim to make a lasting impression on consumers. The introduction of a significant number of parcel lockers marks the first step in our efforts to enhance accessibility and provide a stronger offering to e-retailers and consumers. We want to be the natural first choice for shippers and shoppers.

Robert Zander, CEO DHL Freight Sweden & Nordics

1,000 Additional Parcel Lockers by 2024

Already in 2024, around 1,000 new parcel lockers will be added to DHL Freight’s distribution network in Sweden. We are relying on the sustainable white label solution from our Swedish partner iBoxen. The expansion will focus on the country’s metropolitan areas.

DHL Freight in Sweden

DHL Freight Sweden has a specific structure. In addition to traditional road freight activities (LTL/PTL/FTL), the division is also responsible for nationwide B2B and B2C parcel services. Since January 1, DHL Freight has been responsible for DHL’s entire e-commerce business in Sweden, including last-mile parcel delivery for e-commerce customers via a network of currently 2,000 service points.

To meet the growing demands of the Swedish e-commerce market, DHL Freight is increasing its customer-friendly delivery options. The 1,000 new parcel lockers are an essential part of this development strategy.

Sustained and Long-term Commitment

Our investment in Sweden is a long-term and sustained commitment to the Scandinavian country. The expansion of the parcel locker network is part of a future strategy that also involves the further electrification of the last mile, the digitization of services, the introduction of new services, and the strengthening of DHL’s brand presence in Sweden.

We are addressing the evolving consumer demand for diverse out-of-home solutions through our e-commerce initiative in Sweden. Leveraging our expertise, quality, and local network in both B2B and B2C, along with our comprehensive international offering, we have a solid foundation that allows us to expand our services and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Robert Zander, CEO DHL Freight Sweden & Nordics


Daniel Mahnken



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