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A Love Letter to Logistics

Dear Logistics,

today we once again celebrate your great day – Logistics Day. Hereby we would like to confirm that we think of you and thank you.

You are the reason why we can buy fresh food in the supermarket every day, enjoy first-class medical care and continue the progress of mankind with ever new technologies. You provide us with everything we need for a good life in health, peace, and prosperity – and yet, you do not make any demands of your own.

At the same time, you do not turn a blind eye to what is happening elsewhere in the world. In the event of humanitarian disasters and in crisis areas, you are on the spot to provide relief supplies for those in need.

Still, you do not push yourself to the fore. We all experience what you do for us day in, day out. But only a few of us are aware that it is actually you being responsible for it. We often take the results of your work for granted. However, the recent pandemic showed us what happens when your supply chains break. How quickly we miss you!

With all due love, we have yet to work on our relationship. Your share of global CO2 emissions amounts to 23%. Of this, 35% is caused by freight transport. That is not your fault, but it is our joint responsibility to reduce your emissions. As Deutsche Post DHL Group, we want to set a good example. From 2050, it will be: no more CO2 emissions! To achieve this, we are developing and testing technologies, participating in pilot projects and motivating our partners to join us.

After all, we owe globalization to you. And its continued existence is firmly linked to your ability to prove resilience to crises as well as to become more environmentally sustainable. We can only share a common future if we protect our earth, if we give nature what it requires and give us humans hope for health, prosperity, and contentment.

It is admirable how you create millions of jobs around the world, boost the global economy and enable us to innovate and progress through international trade and collaboration. Our job is to support you and create the best working conditions for our employees, to demand the same from our partners and to achieve great things together.

These words are barely good enough to express what you mean to us. But one thing ought to convince you of how serious we are about you. Deutsche Post DHL Group is made up of more than 600,000 people in five divisions in over 220 countries and territories around the world – and we have one thing in common: We have dedicated our lives to you. Just as you do for us.

With love,

DHL Freight

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