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DHL Freight opens new logistics terminal in Sofia, Bulgaria

DHL Freight 2022 has been offering logistics solutions in Bulgaria for 25 years. So with the opening of a new logistics terminal in Sofia, it's not just the new halls that are being celebrated, but at the same time an anniversary. Most recently, the old terminal in Sofia had become too small for the growing volume in the network. 

The new terminal in Sofia, Bulgaria

Deutsche Post DHL Group's high quality standards, in terms of sustainable services, also spurred a renewal of the branch. As such, special attention was paid to sustainability in terms of construction, operation and technology during the development of the new terminal.

Uwe BrinksWith the new DHL Freight terminal, we are adding another important hub in Eastern Europe for road freight services, especially for providing fast and easy access to logistics solutions to our customers in the Sofia region. Our goal is to improve and modernize our logistics service constantly and make the entire supply chain more environmentally friendly.

Uwe Brinks CEO DHL Freight

With the goal of cutting emissions across the Group to zero by 2050 in mind, a lot of investments were made in sustainable technologies and fuels, as well as alternative drive systems, for the new site. Modern air conditioning systems also minimize the site's energy requirements. These include passive cooling measures, energy-efficient HVAC units (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) or state-of-the-art ventilation with heat recovery.

In the coming future, the site will also include a hazardous goods warehouse, a bonded warehouse, and a logistics area with a high-bay warehouse that offers 3,000 m2 of storage space and has room for more than 6,000 pallets.

For more information about our new site, read our press release.

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