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Continuous improvement is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. However, such improvement can only be achieved by those, who have their services and the associated efficiencies regularly evaluated. In light of this fact, this year's customer satisfaction survey started on 12 March 2019. As part of this survey, we would like to find out, among other things, whether you – the Customers – have been able to notice our optimization measures during the recent months.

The results of the 2018 customer satisfaction survey show that DHL Freight has already been doing a good job. Nevertheless, there were also some points with potential for optimization. This is precisely where the 150 follow up actions that we have initiated in recent months following the last evaluation come into play. Of course, we would like to know whether these measures have been noticed by our customers and helped them to achieve a better rating in the relevant categories than in the previous year.

Quick and easy to take part

It is not rocket science to take part in our 2019 customer satisfaction survey. If you have sent shipments with DHL Freight in the past twelve months, you will receive an e-mail from from March 12 onwards, inviting you to take part in the survey. Here, you will find a link that takes you to the online survey as well as individual access data. Your assessment should take between five and ten minutes. Of course, participation is voluntary, and all questionnaires are completely anonymous.

Our work is based on your responses

Also this year we are interested in your opinion about punctuality, reliability, consulting quality and transparency. We aim to deliver the best service on the market. That is why we have by no means rested on our laurels of the past year. To set this trend, we consider it important not only to measure the effects of our improvements year-on-year but also find out whether our FREIGHT 2020 strategy is bearing fruit in the long term. This is because you – as our Customers – are clearly the centre of our attention and there is always some scope for improvement even in areas that have already been rated as very good. We just need to know where!

Results in late summer

Be a part of it as your responses will directly benefit you as well as the whole lot of other DHL Freight customers. Moreover, we do not hold anything secret, which is why we will publish individual results from the customer satisfaction survey 2019 in detail.

We are requesting you – one of the over 43,000 customers from 31 countries – to extend your support. We need you!

Yours faithfully,

Antje Huber
Chief of Marketing, Global Head of Strategy and Chief of Staff DHL Freight


Antje Huber


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