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ColognePride 2023 – DHL Group Is in on the Action!

DHL Mitarbeiter auf dem CSD in Köln

After last year’s great success, DHL Group will once again be a part of ColognePride in 2023: both with a booth at the street festival from July 7 to 9 and with our own truck at the big Christopher Street Day parade on the closing day – and just like last year, Deutsche Post and DHL will once again proudly be one of the main sponsors of ColognePride, sending a strong signal for tolerance and diversity.

DHL Group Takes a Clear Stand on Human Rights

ColognePride is both a celebration and a demonstration. A place of self-confidence and joie de vivre for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer people – or in short: the LGBTIQ+ community – and for all those who stand up for the same rights and acceptance of all people, like DHL Group. Consequently, the motto of this year’s ColognePride is: “FOR HUMAN RIGHTS – Many. Together. Strong!” The original slogan ”FÜR      MENSCHENRECHTE – Viele. Gemeinsam. Stark!“ leaves a space before the German word for “human rights”. This free space invites everyone to adapt the universal motto of ColognePride 2023 to their own reality of life and enrich it with individual notions.

For DHL Group, the slogan translates in actively promoting the indivisibility of human rights. As a pioneer in logistics, we also want to take on social responsibility and a leading position in supporting diversity, equal rights, and inclusion as overarching societal and corporate goals. We want to ensure a non-discriminatory environment and the best possible working conditions for all our employees at all times and be a true home away from home. Our participation and support of ColognePride 2023 is a clear expression of our aspiration.

DHL Group’s Commitment to Corporate Diversity

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging – abbreviated DEIB – are at the heart of DHL Group, because people are the key to our success. RainbowNet, the company’s internal network for LGBTIQ+ employees was launched back in 2008. In 2021, RainbowNet was honored with the European Diversity Award. For DHL Group, however, respect for all six DEIB pillars is paramount: ability, ethnic and national origin, gender, generations, LGBTQ+, and religion.

How DHL Group Presents Itself at ColognePride

Throughout the weekend of July 7 to 9, we will be present at the ColognePride street festival in Cologne’s historical city center with a DHL Group booth. Here we provide information about our goals and our commitment – and you can get special postcards and fancy stamps with which you can send postal greetings from ColognePride all over the world right there on the spot – “delivered with pride”.

At the Christopher Street Day Parade on the closing day of ColognePride on July 9, it’s time to nail our colors to the mast. With a truck specially decorated for the occasion and a colorful community of employees, stakeholders and friends of the company, DHL Group will take part in the demonstration for equal rights, diversity, and inclusion: we are delighted to be taking part in a march for human rights and supporting them locally – and have been doing so since 1972, when the first Pride weekend in Europe took place in London.

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