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Strong cooperation


DHL Freight is Nordson Corporation’s reliable partner for all logistics throughout Europe – and soon even beyond. Super thin and ultra precise – that is the way coatings normally have to be applied in industrial production processes. Regardless of whether it concerns the processing of any type of industrial adhesive or liquid medium. One of the world's largest manufacturers of corresponding specialized machinery is the American Nordson Corporation, which also has major operations in Europe. For example, the plant in Lüneburg delivers machines and aggregates for the processing of adhesives around the world. Such highly specialized equipment requires seamless logistics as a prerequisite for market success. For its European transports Nordson relies on its partner DHL Freight. The freight specialist not only takes care of the transportation from the individual factories to Nordson’s European distribution center in the Dutch city of Maastricht, but also takes on the transport of the equipment from there to customers – and back again if necessary.

First choice

“In order to ensure a smooth procedure for the customer, we’ve got a single contact at our control center in Eindhoven who is responsible only for Nordson," explains Marco Matiatos, Global Key Account Manager Engineering & Manufacturing, Aerospace at DHL Freight. This ensures that the roughly 10,000 consignments per year, with a total weight of about 1,300 tons, are delivered safely and on time. “This clearly shows how we handle all our customers, whether small businesses or global hidden champions, with special care and high quality standards, thus making us the freight forwarder of choice," continues Matiatos. The cooperation with Nordson could soon become even more international. The company is very much interested in the new intermodal route to China, as many components that are prefabricated for local plants come from Europe or are transported from China to Europe. This is where airfreight is too expensive and the sea route, which takes about 35 days, is too long. With the new route, the delivery time would be about 20 days, which would enable significantly faster responses to market fluctuations.

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