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We are Freight – We are Strong!

Dear customers, users and DHL Freight fans,

My colleagues from the DHL Freight Management Board and I are monitoring the situation and development of the coronavirus on a daily basis. In these difficult times it is more important than ever to work as one team towards a common goal and take care of our team members, friends and families in staying healthy and reduce the spread of COVID-19 infections.

The health of our employees is the most important focus especially in this tough time. Taking preventive actions and protecting our people in the best way, is crucial. Consequently we are in daily contact with our employees in providing them all necessary information needed. By doing this we have implemented a tailor-made business continuity plan that allows us keeping the transportation of your goods running in the best way we can.

Connecting people – improving lives, is our customer promise to you and we are continuously working to find solutions for you to secure capacity and operations on a European and local level. Therefore our operations are running to ensure, to the extent possible, an undisrupted service.

A quote from my colleague Claude Brigand, CEO DHL Freight Western Europe, during our last call was “We are Freight – We are Strong!”  These are more than just six words. This phrase epitomizes the strength of DHL Freight. This is our passion. We are proud to deliver as fast as possible. We are a powerful team. Our aim and purpose is to deliver the goods of our customers, to their customers.

People believe in us. We are trustworthy and reliable. We are providing a necessary service. And we are happy to fulfill our promises. 

It is an honor and I am happy to have the opportunity to lead such a great team and to serve you as our customers! Thank you very much for your trust and be ensured we are doing our utmost to deliver you an undisrupted service!

Stay healthy and strong!

Sincerely Yours,

Uwe Brinks
CEO DHL Freight

General information on COVID-19 from DPDHL:
In case of any further questions on our DHL Freight operations, please reach out to:

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