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DHL opens Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore Beaming parcels? Using robots to deliver them? Intergalactic supply chains? No one knows what logistics will look like in the 22nd century. However, DHL can provide quite a realistic outlook at what will be happening in the coming years with its Innovation Centers: In early December the second Center was opened. The complex in Singapore serves to develop innovative solutions for the ever changing needs of global supply chains. At the same time, the Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC) offers a visionary look at the future of logistics. This is where customers, independent experts and the specialists of DHL meet in order to promote new regional analyses, e-commerce and last-mile solutions. The Center also continues the trend research initiatives by DHL with a focus on logistics and economics in Asia.

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Visitors can choose from a variety of offers. For example, they have the possibility of taking a look at the visions of the future, tomorrow’s trends and the latest solutions during a guided tour. However, the greatest added value is provided by customized innovation and business workshops that go even a step further. In addition, the APIC is the perfect place to conduct business meetings, such as quarterly business reviews. Trend days and complete the wide range of possibilities.
At the centre of the APIC, the interactive heart shows how the trend towards automation and robot technology is changing the way we work. This exhibit also serves as a unifying element of the three levels of the exhibition:

  1. In the Solution Sphere visitors are given insights into the complete services of Deutsche Post DHL Group, as well as special solutions such as parcel boxes, sensor technology and speech- and light-controlled picking in warehouses.
  2. The Trend Curve highlights future developments and their importance for logistics applications.
  3. The Vision Wall displays inspiring scenarios for the world of logistics in the year 2050.
Bill Meahl [Photo: DHL]

But why the location of Singapore for the world's second Innovation Center? “We believe emerging markets will contribute 30 percent of DHL’s worldwide turnover by 2020. That is why we have to successfully address these markets with our service offers”, explains Bill Meahl, Chief Commercial Officer of DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. “We do that with well-conceived analyses of new technologies, procedures and products. After the success of our first centre in Germany, the opening of the APIC is the next step. Singapore is an innovation centre with an outstanding infrastructure and highly skilled workforce. It provides us with an ideal base for strong and stable growth in the region.“

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