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Top and flop countries: Where cargos are in danger Truck broken into, cargo gone – or even the entire truck gone. That can happen anywhere in the world. But there are countries where it happens more often: In many South American countries, for example, the risk of cargo being stolen is very high. That is where organized crime and the economic recession are the relevant factors. But other countries such as Russia and India are also having problems to significantly reduce the number of heists. Within Europe, amongst others Belgium and the Netherlands are at the top of the list of countries with a high risk of cargo being stolen, which is greatly influenced by the major international ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp. The lowest risk of theft, on the other hand, is in Norway, Japan and New Zealand.

DHL Resilience360 DHL Resilience360 is an end-to-end supply chain risk management platform that alerts customers about global incidents and risks to their global supply chain in almost real time – enabling customers to maintain an advantage over their competitors by immediately responding to incidents and pre-empting or minimizing business interruption. Resilience360 is used by customers across Asia, Europe and the Americas. The largest uptake has been in the automotive industry, followed closely by chemicals, life sciences and the technology sector.

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