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Sustainable fuels: A bio-LNG pilot project by DHL and Grundfos shows promising interim results

Sustainable fuels are important pillars of the logistics of the future. In various field trials, we are therefore constantly testing new solutions that will help to make logistics more sustainable and even emissions free in the future. Just recently, a pilot project on Bio-LNG by Shell in cooperation with DHL Freight showed that the switch to Bio-LNG can be worthwhile.

Impressive savings of up to 85% CO2 emissions are possible thanks to the use of sustainable Bio-LNG in our pilot project with our customer Grundfos. “The logistics industry is currently responsible for 11 percent of global carbon emissions. To fight against climate change, the transport sector needs true decarbonization. For us at DHL Freight, sustainable fuel solutions are a key lever to change the fuel mix and ultimately reduce carbon emissions in road freight”, says Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight. You can read about the exciting findings and which future-oriented opportunities result from them in the current press release.

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