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This is how your digital trade fair can become a highlight – with DHL Global Event Logistics as your all-round provider

Digital trade fairs have clear advantages: lower costs and greater flexibility. DHL Global Event Logistics is an experienced, highly specialized provider. Create your digital trade fair with the help of well-qualified professionals.

Digital trade fairs: face-to-face with customers despite COVID-19

So far, around 3,700 trade fairs have been cancelled or postponed worldwide due to the coronavirus, about a quarter of them in Germany, alone. But the pandemic is no reason to completely forego exchanging insights and information with your industry colleagues, because thanks to the Internet, practically any company can hold digital trade fairs and conferences. The advantages are:

  • Costs are much lower than for on-site events.
  • A professional digital trade fair can be created regardless of a company’s size.
  • The number of visitors is unlimited and independent of travel costs or hotel capacity.
  • Taking part is easy: From the office, from home or even while travelling via tablet or PC.
  • External experts can be easily integrated from wherever they are physically located.
  • Live interactions and exchanges are also possible.
  • The entire event can be documented, archived and reproduced.
  • Digitalization makes trade fair follow-up faster and more efficient.

How your digital trade fair stand works

“Digital World” the new service provided by DHL Freight’s subsidiary, DHL Global Event Logistics, specializes in creating virtual spaces. Meeting the need caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the market-leading provider of international trade fair and event logistics has expanded its range of services to include digital trade fairs and conferences.

COVID-19 basically got us started overnight with these new products. They have already proven themselves in corporate use.

Johnny Primerano, Head of Scenic & Events at DHL Global Event Logistics (Photo: DPDHL Group)

DHL Global Event Logistics creates virtual environments such digital exhibition spaces, exhibit or digital trade fair stands. There are no limits on the designs. Visitors can move freely in the virtual world, walk around trade fair stands and view exhibits. Technical features mean that:

  • visitors authenticate themselves using a secure token system before entering the virtual
  • products or exhibits can be embedded and presented in real or virtual environments
  • PDF, image, presentation or video content can be shown in full-screen mode or displayed on virtual TV screens
  • exhibitors can engage with visitors via video conference or chat
  • info points serve as meeting points (these can also be hosted in real-time)
  • live recordings and low-latency webcasts extend the range of communication options - post-production – editing and post-processing – allows your content to be adapted for other purposes such as trade fair follow-ups and advertising

The digital conference: Top-level communications with individual target groups

DHL Global Event Logistics’ virtual studio offers all the tools needed to host digital events, where the focus is on sharing and working together with participants to produce results. For example, DHL Global Event Logistics can create a virtual stage set in a studio or a completely virtual environment that includes several different rooms. Live presenters immerse themselves in this virtual world, either in the studio or in front of a green screen. Here’s how it works:

  • DHL Global Event Logistics studios are located in Cologne and Berlin. In addition, mobile studios can be set up at other locations.
  • The set is fully customizable.
  • Live presenters are embedded in the studios or in a virtual environment with a variety of spaces available.
  • In this way, hosts and participants can meet and communicate virtually, regardless of their physical location. This can occur in one virtual room or in several digital workshop spaces.
  • Participants interact using video conferencing tools such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or Slido.
  • Presentations and films can be embedded in full-screen mode or on virtually displayed TV screens.
  • DHL Global Event Logistics provides more than just the materials, equipment and specialized staff. Transportation is also handled by the experienced team.

Digital fairs, tours, lectures: Everything is possible

Whether live or recorded, in a virtual world or in reality – the number of possible combinations in terms of content and setting are almost unlimited. Additionally, virtual reality can be easily adapted to meet all individual requirements. “Together with a congress organizer, for example, we are currently planning a setup in which a visitor can explore virtual exhibition stands and also visit virtual rooms in which a live presentation is hosted on the green screen,” says Johnny Primerano, Head of Scenic & Events at DHL Global Event Logistics.

Digital top events work for corporations, for example - but not only!

DHL Global Event Logistics has already implemented top-class events with its technologies, including virtual conferences held by DPDHL Group CEO Frank Appel, for example. A broadcast from the Post Tower headquarters in Bonn to more than 800 employees in Sweden was made in May, followed by live streams for Switzerland, Indonesia, Ireland and Israel. In August, the DPDHL Group Annual General Meeting firstly has been made virtually available. Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight already uses the Green Box for live transmissions to selected participants in European countries.

Other sectors require the knowledge transfer and opportunities to exchange information that trade fairs provide. After months without face-to-face events, workable concepts are needed.

Digital trade fairs make great platforms for:

  • discussing innovations and trends,
  • presenting and explaining products and applications,
  • establishing and strengthening business relationships.
  • “COVID-19 no longer prevents you from meeting your customers and business partners,” says Johnny Primerano of DHL Global Event Logistics. "Thanks to our digital studio and virtual tour, your events can still take place and still feel real."

Visit DHL Global Event Logistics’ virtual studio

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