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Pharmaceutical logistics in the USA: An industry full of growth drivers

DHL in the USA is committed to providing its pharmaceutical customers with top infrastructure, high-tech solutions, in-depth industry knowledge and strategic thinking in a market region that is particularly dynamic.

Solid and long-term revenue drivers
From a global perspective, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, because of

  • demographic changes,
  • changing lifestyles and
  • progress in drug development, for example for cancer and rheumatism patients,

These aspects are leading to rising sales and investments. In addition, the USA will benefit from

  • the size of its own market, for example in the sale of orphan drugs for the treatment of rare diseases,
  • the particular pace of emerging markets in the region, such as Brazil,
  • the development of personalized medicine in Latin America , in which therapies are adapted to certain genetic characteristics of the patient on the basis of molecular genetic tests.

Sensitive goods that improve people's lives
DHL in the USA is focusing its business activities on the pharmaceutical industry in order to optimally combine its specialized logistics expertise with the demanding needs of its customers. "For us, it is not just an air freight transport from Point A to Pont B, it is an order with a real purpose for people. That's why we want to continue to work hard on it," says David Goldstein, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding USA.

The DHL division has invested heavily in its Chicago location with

  • a 430,000 square feet facility at O' Hare International Airport, which will be further expanded, with improved tracking and tracing technology and equipment for temperature-sensitive goods
  • 65 loading ramps that allow DHL trucks direct access to customs and border controls,
  • Sniffer dogs guarding the building and searching the cargo,
  • DHL is one of the first logistics service providers to introduce highly-developed RFID technology that till now has only been used by airlines and security units. It makes it possible to track goods from arrival to shipment without manual scanning.
DHL is expanding its 430,000 square feet facility at O' Hare International Airport.

Outsourcing logistics - not automatic for healthcare players
Among the many solutions that DPDHL Group offers to customers in the life sciences and healthcare sectors is responsibility for their logistics and distribution networks. The medical device manufacturer Avanos Medical, Alpharetta, Georgia, has decided to collaborate with DHL Supply Chain. The advantages:

  • DHL Supply Chain's ability to improve the network and deploy proven technologies increases Avanos' productivity and the ability to use its own warehouses for a wide range of medical devices.
  • DHL's advantages include nearly 20,000 square meters at its Las Vegas, Nevada site and a new 430,000 square feet facility in Southaven, Mississippi. They comply with the strict quality and regulatory requirements that apply to medical equipment, such as temperature-controlled storage.
  • Avanos insisted on the implementation on a tight schedule - which DHL Supply Chain even undercut by four months.

Size, technology, transparency DHL Supply Chain is the largest 3PL in the USA for the life sciences and healthcare sectors. "Our wealth of experience in delivering services to customers in this sector and partnerships with emerging technology suppliers puts us in a unique position to quickly deliver proven, productivity-enhancing solutions and data-driven visibility," said Scott Cubbler, President of Healthcare at DHL Supply Chain.

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