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Fumigated Pallets

What are Fumigated Pallets?

Fumigated pallets are those pallets that have been disinfected and gone through pest control process. In order to ensure that pest do not transfer from one country to the other, through the shipment of goods, some countries require fumigation on imported goods. For this, wooden pallets are fumigated for disinfection.

Fumigation of pallets is done in two methods, namely methyl bromide and heat treatment.

  • Methyl bromide treatment: is the process of stacking pallets in a sealed chamber, then sprayed with disinfection chemical to kill of any bacteria from the wood.
  • Heat treatment: is the process of placing pallets in a high temperature chamber for at least 30 minutes and up to a certain degree to eliminate any bacteria in the wood.

At the completion of any of the two pallet fumigation processes, a fumigation certificate is issued. The certificate is provided to the customs authorities for the clearance of imported goods.

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