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Saloodo!, the digital freight exchange from DHL launched in January 2017, brings consignors and freight forwarders together on a single platform and is fully on the road to success: More than 5,300 transport companies are already signed up to offer customers services in 17 countries (as of June 2017). Saloodo! continues to evolve since the launch, adding new features to meet the needs of users with whom Saloodo! stays in constant contact. Freight Connections presents the most important new features: The platform and the Saloodo! Driver app make it quick and easy for consignors to find the right shipping company for their needs. Forwarders can offer their transport services and make best use of their available capacities.

Photo: Saloodo!
Photo: Saloodo!

Price forecasts using machine learning

Particularly attractive is a novel algorithm to predict fluctuating market prices. Machine learning allows the app to predict seasonal variations in prices and identify unbalanced capacity utilization on certain routes. This gives consignors meaningful price indicators based on real-time data when making shipment enquiries.

Dynamic transport pricing calculator for competitive bidding

Photo: Saloodo!
Photo: Saloodo!

On the other hand, the Saloodo! dynamic transport pricing calculator helps forwarding companies make competitive offers. The system lets the forwarder know whether their offer is attractive and at a price in sync with the average of other offers, all before submitting their bid. The tool is based on real-time data as well as special algorithms.

Pallet exchange system ensures transparency during exchanges

The newly developed pallet exchange system also offers both consignors and transport companies an optimal solution to this often troublesome issue. The Saloodo! Driver app lets drivers precisely document the movement of pallets at both pick-up and point of delivery. This gives everyone full transparency about the pallet exchange process.

Tracking & tracing thanks to the intelligent Saloodo! Driver app

The Saloodo! Driver app lets transport companies send drivers upcoming routes directly via SMS. Drivers get all the details delivered to their smartphones. The app handles tracking & tracing as well as delay notifications. Delivery receipts and any damage during on- and off-loading can also be documented directly via the app. The personal dashboard gives both the transport company and the consignor immediate access to all documents.
The intelligent app also helps drivers so that they no longer have to print out each order individually and all of the documents are stored in a single location.

Faster payment processes within 14 days thanks to digital delivery receipts

Once drivers scan the delivery receipt with the Saloodo! Driver app, it can be uploaded. The delivery confirmations are thus stored directly on the dashboards of both the transport company and the consignor. As soon as the consignor has accepted proof of delivery, payment is approved via Saloodo! The transport company receives payment within 14 days.
Saloodo! is the intelligent end-to-end solution for consignors and freight-forwarding companies alike. Innovative ideas and lean structures help optimize the entire transport chain and increase transparency to ensure reliable deliveries and a competitive advantage.

Partering with Saloodo!
In order to ensure the greatest possible security for both consignors and transport companies, Saloodo! acts as a contract partner with both sides to ensure the smooth transport of the consignment.
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