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Truck Speed Limits in Europe – How Fast to Drive in Each Country

Busy city centers, alpine serpentines: Truck drivers travel a wide variety of roads in Europe. It is good to know how fast you are allowed to drive on which road in which country – especially in the interest of road safety. Our comprehensive speed limit table gives you all the information you need at a glance and saves you time-consuming research.

Attention Truck Drivers: Speed Limits Vary from Country to Country

80, 90 or 100 km/h truck speed on the highway? It may not make much of a difference while driving, but in many European countries exceeding the permitted truck speed limit can result in significant fines. However, road safety and the reduction of pollutant emissions are also strong arguments for adhering to speed limits.

From the Norwegian Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Black Sea to the Atlantic Ocean: There are about 40 European countries with probably 40 types of regulations. The rules in each country may not be fundamentally different, but when it comes to fines, the details can be critical. For example, some countries have special semitruck speed limits, while others do not. Even in built-up areas there are sometimes differing rules for trucks, and outside built-up areas the speed limit on rural roads ranges from 60 to 90 km/h.

Admittedly, most truckers rarely drive from the tip of the Italian boot to the North Cape; but if they would, our chart lets them know how far they can accelerate in each country – including ferry trips to Malta or Iceland.

Table of Truck Speed Limits for 39 European Countries

The information in the table applies to all trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons or more. If countries impose additional restrictions for higher weight classes or for trucks with trailers, this is indicated accordingly.

There may be additional regional regulations, such as those for the transportation of dangerous goods, heavy-duty transport, or trucks with more than one trailer. These are not listed separately.

For vans and light trucks under 3.5 tons, the speed limit on the highway or other roads is usually the same as for cars. However, there may be exceptions: In Portugal, for instance, light trucks up to 3.5 tons are limited to 70 km/h on rural roads (cars are limited to 90 km/h).

CountryMaximum speed limit in km/h
Inside built-up areasOutside built-up areas / rural roadsMotor roads / express roadsHighway
Belgium5090 60 (from 7.5 tons)8080
Bosnia and Herzegovina 60808080
Bulgaria5080 70 (with trailer)80 70 (with trailer)100
Czech Republic50808080
Estonia5090 70 (from 7.5 tons)90
Finland5080 60 (from 7.5 tons)8080
France508090 (up to 12 tons) 80 (from 12 tons)90
Germany5080 60 (from 7.5 tons)8080
Greece508090 (up to 5 tons) 70 (from 5 tons or with trailer)90 (up to 5 tons) 70 (from 5 tons or with trailer)
Italy5080 70 (from 12 tons or with trailer)80 70 (from 12 tons or with trailer)100 80 (from 12 tons or with trailer)
North Macedonia4080 70 (from 7.5 tons)80 70 (from 7.5 tons)80 70 (from 7.5 tons)
Portugal50 40 (with trailer)80 70 (with trailer)80 70 (with trailer)90 70 (with trailer)
Romania5080 70 (from 7.5 tons or with trailer)90 80 (from 7.5 tons or with trailer)100 90 (from 7.5 tons or with trailer)
Slovenia5080 70 (from 7.5 tons)80 70 (from 7.5 tons)80
UK (converted from miles/h)4880 64 (from 7.5 tons or with trailer)96 80 (from 7.5 tons or with trailer)112 96 (with trailer) 80 (from 7.5 tons)

Conclusion: Saving Your Nerves, the Environment, and Your Wallet with the Right Speed

You can easily determine how fast you are allowed to drive on Europe’s roads with our speed chart. By driving at the proper speed, you can avoid hassle with local police, unnecessary exhaust gas, and fines. Above all, you contribute to the safety of all road users. Wherever you go, we at DHL Freight wish you a safe journey.

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