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Terminal Kontich, Belgium: at the gateway to Europe


Directly at the city limits of Antwerp, only a few kilometers from the second largest port in Europe and well connected by motorways: The terminal Kontich in Belgium is the perfect logistics hub with immense capacities.

[Graph: DHL]
[Graph: DHL]

In the south of Antwerp, next to the E19 towards Brussels and Paris, is the Belgian city of Kontich located. This is the headquarter of DHL Freight in the Benelux region, one of the largest terminals of the logistics company. The port nearby is growing steadily and ranks on the second place in Europe in terms of container handling, having already overhauled Hamburg. In that respect it ranks on the 13th or 14th place globally, according to statistics. When it comes to general cargo handling, the city on the Scheldt River holds the European top spot unchallenged.
The hub of DHL Freight, 20 kilometers by road from the nearest quay facilities, is appropriately sized. Nearly 27,000 square meters of block storage and 10,400 square meters of high-bay warehouse are available. 42 permanent employees and 150 to 200 additional staff handle the freight during peak periods. The terminal is firmly integrated into DHL Freight’s European route network, allowing goods to reach almost every corner of the continent in short time.

[Graph: DHL]
[Graph: DHL]

Warehouse management system

In modern logistics, however, storage and goods handling are not quite all, the quality of service also has to be right. An in-house quality assurance team checks all running processes for possible sources of error and ensures that no freight remains or ends up on the wrong truck dock. This is also ensured by an automatic parcel sorting system, which handled twelve million parcels last year. Like all processes, the system is controlled by a fully electronic warehouse management system. On request, this can be linked up with the customer’s IT, regardless of the technology used there.

High degree of security for drivers and loading

Nothing goes to the dogs in Kontich – this is ensured by strict access controls as well as a CCTV system. The entire terminal complies with Level C of the Facility Security Requirements (FSR) of the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA). Parts of the terminal are operated by Gerlach Zolldienste GmbH as a tax warehouse. 55 truck parking spaces are also available on the enclosed property. This allows for breaks without having to worry about driver safety or cargo security.

Long-distance routes through Europe

In 2017, the employees in Kontich moved 504,000 pallets, in addition to consignments. The loaded trucks only need to drive a few hundred meters to the next motorway and are swiftly on their way from Europe's gateway to the major long-distance routes throughout the whole continent.
Satenrozen 11–13
2550 Kontich

DHL Freight Terminal Kontich by numbers


  • 160,000 square meters of site area
  • 27,000 square meters of block storage
  • 25,000 pallet spaces in the automated high-bay warehouse
  • 2,500 square meters of office space
  • 55 truck parking spots
  • 43 docks
  • ISO 9001 certified

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