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Aviation logistics is an extremely complex business, which DHL understands masterfully. This was once again proven by the Best Performer Award from Airbus. The aircraft manufacturer Airbus is a flagship project of European unity. A look at a map shows you why: The individual parts for final assembly in Toulouse, France come from all over Europe. For example, the wings of the A 380 come from England, fuselage parts from Germany and tail components from Spain – and those are only the major components. And that is where an absolutely reliable logistics partner is required. DHL has already been offering a wide range of services for the aerospace giant as a fourth-party logistics provider (4PL) since 2009. The scope of these services and the extraordinary performance of the world's leading logistics company were decisive for the award of this year's Best Performer by Airbus in the category General Procurement. “It’s an honor to be recognized as Best Performer. Only market leading team work makes it possible to deliver these performance levels,” said Marja-Liisa Turtiainen, Vice President Aviation & Aerospace DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation, at the award ceremony on 5th October 2016 in Hamburg.

Award ceremony in Hamburg: Patrick Fanget (Airbus Group), Klaus Richter (Airbus Group), Thomas George (DHL), Marja-Liisa Turtiainen (DHL) and Frank Lebeuf (DHL) (left to right) [Photo: Airbus]
Award ceremony in Hamburg: Patrick Fanget (Airbus Group), Klaus Richter (Airbus Group), Thomas George (DHL), Marja-Liisa Turtiainen (DHL) and Frank Lebeuf (DHL) (left to right) [Photo: Airbus]

Wide range of services

DHL provides a wide range of services for Airbus in pretty-much all dimensions, whether air, sea, land or rail transport. The company even handles express shipments for the aircraft manufacturer. In addition, DHL supports Airbus with emergency aid for Aircraft-on-Ground situations, Inbound-to-Manufacturing and Control-Tower services as well as storage, including packaging services, general cargo, customs clearance and numerous other services. The DHL Customer Solutions & Innovations division is responsible for customer relations with Airbus and ensures that the services from all DHL business areas are provided in a coordinated fashion.
“DHL is proud of its long standing partnership with leading aerospace manufacturer Airbus and is delighted to have been awarded Best Performer by the business. Throughout our partnership with Airbus we have worked collaboratively to ensure the solution we provide is right for this customer. Achieving this accolade is testament to the continuous efforts of our teams to satisfy any of our client’s requests, regardless whatever it takes. We look forward to supporting Airbus on their journey in the coming years,” said Thomas George, CEO DGF Europe and Global Airbus Group sponsor.


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