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Speed and Sustainability – DHL’s Commitment to Motorsports

Sophisticated vehicle technology and thrilling overtaking maneuvers: motorsports inspire with their combination of driving skills and technical mastery. For logistics, the huge and highly sensitive fleet of equipment to be transported from race to race is not only an organizational challenge, but also a matter of sustainability. DHL’s commitment to motorsport shows that sustainability and racing do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Formula 1®, Formula E, MotoGP™ and the Like: World-Class Logistics for World-Class Motorsports

Before the race starts and the racing drivers on the track as well as the teams in the pits give their all for success, a mammoth task awaits those who work behind the scenes to ensure an unforgettable experience for the fans. Our experienced professionals at DHL Global Event Logistics, part of DHL Freight, make sure that everything is exactly where it needs to be on race day.

In motorsports, speed means a lot, but it is not everything. The cars must be fast, but also reliable. The materials used must be of the highest quality, and the processes in the pits require coordinated cooperation to be swift and efficient. This is the only way to achieve success for the team in combination with the drivers’ skills.

The quest for maximum speed is what connects DHL with motorsport, but the other competencies are just as important to us: reliability, quality, and cooperation are also hallmarks of DHL as the world’s leading logistics company. All of this is in demand because fast-paced motorsport events involve complex logistical tasks that require tailor-made concepts so that teams and spectators can create and experience a captivating – and smooth-running – race.

The 2024 Formula 1®-Season as a Logistical Challenge

Needless to say, the biggest commitment is to the world’s most popular and largest racing series, Formula 1®. DHL has enjoyed a successful partnership with Formula 1® for almost forty years. A few statistics about the 2024 season will give you an idea of the challenges the world’s premier racing event presents:

  • 24 races in 21 countries on five continents
  • 127,000 km air distance between all racetracks
  • up to 1,400 tons of high-value and sensitive cargo per race (race cars, tires, spare parts, fuel, broadcast equipment, and marketing and hospitality equipment)
  • transfer of all teams with up to 50 people each on site

Joint Efforts for Sustainable Motorsports

Every major sporting and cultural event has its own specific environmental footprint. Whether fans flock to a soccer stadium or a pop or rock concert, people and equipment have to be moved. No one wants to give up sport and culture. The common task is to bring these events to the stage, the field, or the racetrack as sustainably as possible.

As a multimodal logistics provider with expertise in land, air, and sea freight, DHL is the ideal partner for major motorsport events. And as a pioneer in green logistics, DHL has a high level of environmental awareness, and we remain true to this in our commitment to motorsports: DHL Group aims to reduce all logistics-related emissions to net zero by 2050. The strategy involves sustainable fuels as well as the electrification of our vehicle fleet and climate-neutral buildings.

Our motorsport partners pursue similar goals. To meet the demands of motorsport logistics in the most sustainable way possible, DHL employs innovative and sustainable means of transport. We also have partners in the world of e-motorsports, with whom we are driving developments in the field of e-mobility.

The common task: sustainable logistics for sustainable motorsports.

DHL’s Partnerships in Motorsports

DHL has been the Official Logistics Partner of Formula 1® for 20 years. However, the cooperation goes back further: with a history of almost 40 years, it is one of the longest existing partnerships in the field of sport. To mark the twentieth anniversary of the official partnership, DHL and Formula 1® have prolonged their cooperation: DHL will continue to be the Official Logistics Partner of the FIA Formula One World Championship™ also in the coming years.

Both partners pursue common goals in terms of sustainability. DHL is making an important contribution to Formula 1®’s target of reducing emissions to net zero by 2030. DHL is fully committed to supporting this objective. For this year’s season, we have more than doubled our biofuel-powered truck fleet to 37 vehicles. This translates into an 83 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per truck. In addition, fuel-efficient Boeing 777 aircraft cut emissions by around 17 percent.

By sharing a vision, the collaboration between DHL and Formula 1® goes beyond logistics – it is a joint journey towards a greener, more efficient future, setting new standards for environmentally friendly logistics. One of the innovations is the mobile DHL Motorhome: the sustainable control center for our Formula 1® logistics services, equipped with solar panels, charging and recycling stations, and transported by biofuel trucks.

We are continuously exploring ways to achieve Formula 1®’s Net Zero goal, and we are delighted to collaborate with a partner who shares our dedication to sustainability and is receptive to innovative green solutions.

Paul Fowler, Head of Global Motorsports Logistics DHL Global Forwarding

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship was launched in 2014: all-electric racing where cars reach top speeds of over 320 kilometers per hour, quietly and with zero emissions. Over the past decade, Formula E has grown tremendously, attracting millions of fans around the world. This is not surprising as Formula E offers the same breathtaking excitement as any other motorsport. The thrill, drama, and adrenaline kick can be felt at every turn as the cars battle for the lead in the urban setting of some of the world’s most famous cities.

DHL has been part of Formula E from the very beginning. As Official Founding and Logistics Partner, DHL handles the logistics requirements of Formula E organizers and teams, transporting over 380 tons of freight – including all race cars, batteries and charging units, media, and broadcasting equipment.

DHL helps Formula E push the boundaries of sustainability with a tailored, multi-modal transport approach that maximizes efficiency and further reduces its carbon footprint. Thus, this partnership goes also way beyond logistics. DHL is a passionate part of Formula E’s mission to inspire and engage a global audience on sustainability.

DHL is proud to be the driving force behind the sustainable transportation of Formula E cargo. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and Formula E’s while ensuring the smooth delivery of all the essentials for these thrilling races remains unwavering. Together with Formula E, we’re paving the way for a greener future in motorsports logistics.

Manuela Gianni, Head of Motorsports Italy DHL Global Forwarding

A combination of motorsport and Ironman Triathlon: this is how you could describe the World Endurance Championship (WEC). The races last between six and 24 hours and offer breathtaking speed as well as incredible endurance and performance from the world’s best endurance drivers on legendary racetracks such as Spa or Le Mans. Since 2012, DHL has been the exclusive official logistics partner for the smooth organization of the seven races of the season.

The comprehensive regulations allow for complex and awe-inspiring sports prototypes, some featuring the latest hybrid technology and equipment from independent chassis and engine suppliers. There is also a separate category where some of the world’s leading car brands compete for victory.

DHL Global Forwarding is responsible for shipping all the teams’ equipment and material with a total weight of 400 tons: 38 race cars, 4,000 tires, 30,000 liters of biofuel, broadcast equipment, and assorted organizational equipment. At each WEC race, our dedicated team of motorsport logistics experts works closely with the race teams, including support for customs clearance. As the Official Logistics Partner of the FIA WEC, DHL demonstrates its professional logistics expertise.

DHL is also at home in two-wheeled motorsport. DHL has been the Official Logistics Partner since 2015 and is proud to manage the logistics for MotoGP™, Moto2™, and Moto3™. The DHL Global Event Logistics Team handles the entire logistics for the MotoGP™ – in close cooperation with Dorna Sports and the various teams and suppliers. The specialists at Global Event Logistics ensure that 350 tons of critical equipment and supplies arrive intact and on time for each of the 21 championship races that are spread across five continents. Due to the tight racing schedule, the team sometimes only has 36 hours. It is a Herculean task under time pressure requiring everything: from temperature-controlled transport of finely tuned bikes and meticulous packing to the handling of fragile parts and customs clearance support.

Our DHL Global Event Logistics team is always in action to get all the racing equipment to the world’s racetracks on time. Precise in preparation, experienced in execution. We are proud to bring our know-how to this fascinating and important racing series.

Frederik Reifegerste, Managing Director DHL Global Event Logistics

What Formula E is to motorsport, MotoE™ is to motorcycling: all-electric thrills on two wheels. Starting with the 2024 season, DHL enters a multi-year partnership with the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship. And as with Formula E, it is about more than just the complete logistical support of the 16 races of the all-electric championship – the overarching goal is the sustainable promotion of e-mobility.

The partnership with MotoE™ underscores DHL’s dedication to advancing e-mobility while delivering excellence on and off the track.

Elliott Santon, Head of Global Sponsorships DHL Express

Full Speed with Green Logistics

In today’s motorsport logistics, it’s the same as in any other event logistics: the challenge is to achieve a functional balance between the best possible approach to running an event and the most sustainable solution: for thrilling racing action, enthusiastic fans, and the protection of natural resources. DHL Group and DHL Freight are committed to creating this win-win situation. And for those of you who are not yet familiar with the e-series championships, we hope we have sparked your interest. Many fans love the roar of engines. But the gentle hum of the electric motors also makes for exciting racing duels. DHL Freight hopes you enjoy the rest of the racing season.

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