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Saloodo! how you benefit from the digital freight platform

The digital freight platform Saloodo! brings shippers and transport companies together. Every step of the process is digital, convenient and efficient. Registration and use are free of charge.

Saloodo! More than...

30,000 consignors

12,000 forwarders

50 countries

The freight platform by professionals for professionals

Saloodo! is the online freight platform that provides answers to challenges in logistics. These include:

  • Saving time: Small and medium-sized companies in particular lack capacity to make lengthy price comparisons and fill out complicated forms. Saloodo! is simple to use and completely digital.
  • Transparency: With Saloodo!, shippers can find the perfect offer from among more than 12,000 transport companies. Regular status updates ensure a constant clear overview during transport.
  • Speed: Depending on the type of transport order, you will receive a number of offers within seconds of its submission. These are ideally matched to your request. Special options are available for particularly urgent orders.
  • Efficiency: Transport companies and shippers have only one contact – Saloodo! The support team responds quickly. Short payment terms are important for speedy processing. This is good news for all parties involved.
  • International expertise: Saloodo! is presently available in more than 50 countries on 4 continents. The international network is constantly growing. As a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group, Saloodo! is backed by the long-standing know-how of the world's leading logistics company.
  • Quality and security: Saloodo! stands for top standards in terms of business relations and supply chains because the strict standards of the DHL Code of Conduct apply. And of course your goods are insured.

“Saloodo! is a unique way for us to acquire transport orders within the EU. It is easy and convenient to work with, providing fast payment and ideal contact between Saloodo! and its customers. As freight forwarders, we are very happy to be part of this community and will work with it to growˮ.

Stefan van der Beek, MARLO Expeditie BV

Saloodo! is so versatile!

Transport companies of all sizes present their capacities at Saloodo! to find the right load. Firms with short-term shipping needs, as well as small and medium-sized companies, use Saloodo! to find the lowest-priced offers, such as for:

  • general cargo transports
  • partial and complete loads
  • domestic transport
  • highly valuable goods
  • international orders to, from or within Europe, Africa, the Middle East, or South America.

The shipment can include a full truckload, individual pallets, drums, boxes, specific goods or a mix of different transport goods.

Registration and usage are free of charge

Shippers and transport companies can register and use Saloodo! free of charge. That means:

  • There are no monthly or user-dependent fees.
  • Shippers are only charged for the transports they have booked.
  • And, all offers proposed on the platform are final prices. Transport costs may only be changed after booking in exceptional cases: For example, if the freight weight is considerably more than stated.

Log in, browse, book

Saloodo! is very user-friendly. You register and log in. Then, it is only a few steps to the transport order:

  • The easy-to-use interface gives you a clear overview of a large number of the audited transport companies.
  • You enter the shipment details. The intelligent shipment assistant provides support.
  • You receive a price estimation for the respective transport based on the most current market data and artificial intelligence.
  • Once you have submitted your shipment request, transport companies affiliated with Saloodo! will present their offers.

Even while your cargo is on the road, transparency and comfort are guaranteed

Through Saloodo!, its partners also handle the operational transport processes. A clearly structured dashboard is available for this purpose to display all information, such as:

  • transport orders
  • shipment status
  • proof of delivery
  • damage documentation
  • bills.

These documents are available in real time. They can be downloaded or sent automatically by the Saloodo! Driver App to your dashboard. Finally, invoicing and payment are also carried out digitally via Saloodo!

The Saloodo! Driver App is your loyal companion

Of course, Saloodo! works equally well on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. The Saloodo! Driver App can do more than just handle uploads. Additionally, it can be used to generate delay notifications and proofs of delivery by the driver, among other options.

Need support? Just give us a call!

The customer service team is available to shippers and transport companies by phone, e-mail and live chat. Promptly and personally.

Secure contracts and processes

At Saloodo! only certified transport companies contractually committed to the DHL Code of Conduct accept your orders. This means that you benefit as a user from the high standards for business relationships that DPDHL has set for itself as a globally operating logistics group. But, that's not all. Saloodo! ensures that all documentation is up-to-date, complete and checked. This is done before the service provider is activated on the platform. Even after their admission to Saloodo!, the current validity of all submitted documents is continuously monitored and confirmed.

Saloodo! is also a contractual partner for both parties. The advantages:

  • There is a central contact.
  • Accelerated processing.
  • Common operational challenges – such as in the event of a claim – are thus a thing of the past.
  • Transport companies can offer their services to a large group of shippers via one single contractual partner – Saloodo!
  • The business model results in short payment terms of only 14 days.

What Saloodo! customers say

“Saloodo! offers us a completely new way to manage our transports cheaply and securely with little effort. At the same time, we receive all necessary documents automatically. Should something go wrong, the support is immediately available. My team enjoys working with Saloodo! ˮ

Christian Körner, brands4friends

“As an online retailer for street furniture, we very often have to send goods to customers all over Europe by freight forwarding. Saloodo! inspires us again and again with excellent logistics solutions and above all with entirely problem-free handling. Transport requests can be easily placed on the portal. Offers are made promptly, which can be accepted just as easily and quickly. Ideal documentation options and shipment tracking allow us to follow the transport process in the best possible way. This is also an added value for our customers, since our company stands for fast delivery times. We have been using the Saloodo! platform for about one and a half years and – based on our experience – can highly recommend it with a clear conscience! ˮ

Anja Hönig, Greensystems

“I can use the Saloodo! Platform without restrictions! Very attractive loads and competitive prices. At Saloodo! I find many interesting bids for standard trucks and light trucks. The site is clear and easy to use. Contact is very good with the Saloodo! dispatchers. I have been working with them for over half a year without any problems!ˮ

Orange Logistics

Saloodo!, DHL’s innovative in-house start-up

DHL initiated the idea of an online freight platform in 2015. After considering all its options, DHL decided to develop the intelligent platform itself with a focus on fulfilling the precise requirements of the market. DHL carried out personal interviews and conducted surveys with more than 30,000 shippers and transport companies. The result: an innovative online marketplace that brings shippers and transport firms together. What is more, all processes are completely digital. The following steps led to the platform’s successful implementation:

  • A three-month test phase in the autumn of 2016 included more than 300 road transport companies and 200 shippers. This provided important input regarding further development of the user interface and functions.
  • The digital freight platform has been in live operation since January 2017. The number of registered users and transactions continues to rise daily.
  • Saloodo! is now available in more than 50 countries on 4 continents. After launching in Europe, the platform expanded to the Middle East and Africa in 2019. In late 2020, the global platform was introduced to the market. Ever since, Saloodo! has also been available in South America.

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