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Strong network


Continually increasing freight volumes are a challenge for logistic experts in Europe. DHL Freight is already setting the operational switches to meet the challenges of tomorrow in terms of organization, infrastructure, and personnel. The economy in Europe is growing and continuing to generate an increasing number of orders and transport volumes for road freight companies. That, of course, is good news but a real challenge from the oprational point of view. Because we want to offer you, our customers, the highest quality now and in the future. That is why we are working hard to ensure that our network and our products are fit for the future in all crucial areas. This starts with building activities to expand capacity, continues with product development and adaptation, and of course also includes digitization.

New hubs

Within the next year, we will bring two state-of-the-art cargo terminals in Hanover-Langenhagen and Fischamend near Vienna into service, strengthening our European network of strategic hubs. In Hanover, for example, our employees will in future be handling shipments from our Euroconnect and Eurapid services on 8,300 square meters of floor space. Here, in the “Terminal of the future,” we are also testing innovative solutions and technologies such as intelligent forklift trucks and a central control center. The place of location also plays an important role in DHL Freight’s Euronet full load service. In Fischamend, the DHL Campus Vienna Airport is being built in the immediate vicinity of Vienna International Airport. The joint cargo hub of DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Freight optimizes the transition between air, sea, and land freight and also strengthens the connection to Eastern Europe. In addition to these flagship projects, we are constantly examining at which hubs of our network we have to respond to future needs by means of construction measures. Furthermore, our current terminal certification program helps to identify further standardization potentials to increase the capabilities of our network.  The best terminals will receive bronze, silver, and gold plaques at the end of the year.

Promised – kept

Investments in our network will ensure the highest service quality for you in the years to come. This is how we will keep our promises in the future, as we have already done with the relaunch of Eurapid. The resumption of our premium groupage service started with the goal of delivering 95 percent of all shipments to their destination on time. And we will meet this quota. For the near future, we plan to add something similar to our Euroconnect groupage network with the introduction of a Requested Delivery Day. You will then be able to prearrange in advance certain days in which your freight has to arrive at it's destination. We guarantee this target dates through appropriate processes and the necessary IT support.

Well prepared

Changes in the political landscape are one of the constant factors influencing the logistics business. In this respect, the upcoming Brexit may bring substantial changes in European road freight transport, but with good preparation it’s absolutely manageable. In proven cooperation with Gerlach Customs Services, we’ll assist you through help and advice with all queries regarding cross-border traffic. In order to give our back office as well as your employees more time to address these more fundamental issues, we are working even harder on the automation of order processing. Thus, with the widespread introduction of e-billing, we are taking a major step towards paperless logistics. This way we can devote ourselves  to our actual core business in the future: efficient and customer-oriented logistics and transport solutions for your freight. Sincerely, Dr. Thomas Vogel, Chief Operations Officer (COO) DHL Freight

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