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Green hall on a green field


Efficient and ergonomic – the new DHL Freight terminal in Malmö, Sweden, has been opened. New semi-automatic sorters instead of laborious manual sorting ensure greater efficiency and productivity. The hall has an intelligent design, and due to the short distances, fewer fork-lifts are required. Furthermore, the system also requires less maintenance. Ramps and loading bays are designed according to ergonomic criteria. But the new DHL Freight Terminal in the east of Malmö corresponds not only to modern logistics requirements. The Certified Green Building also meets highest demands in terms of sustainability. It has an energy-efficient heat-pump heating system, which operates with low emissions and combines reduced heating costs with a small CO2 footprint. It is also certified according to TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) safety standard class B. DHL has rented the turnkey terminal from the company Catena, with which the Group works at many locations.

Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) The combination of brand manufacturers, technology providers, insurance businesses and logistics companies has developed standards that ensure the best quality and safest transportation of goods and commodities (by road, rail, sea or air) from manufacturers to retailers within the transport and supply chain.

Malmö is a strategically important location for the DHL Freight network in Sweden. The third-largest city in the country is the gateway to Denmark. It is conveniently located in close proximity to the famous Oresund bridge, which connects Malmö with the Danish capital Copenhagen. The construction is the world's longest cable-stayed bridge for combined road and rail transport, and has greatly improved the entire Oresund region’s connections.

New construction with high efficiency and environmental standards: the Malmö terminal of DHL Freight Sweden [Photo: DHL]
New construction with high efficiency and environmental standards: the Malmö terminal of DHL Freight Sweden [Photo: DHL]

The former terminal was built 40 years ago and was way past its prime. Both efficiency and technical equipment no longer met modern standards. After the relocation of the DHL Freight Euroconnect cargo business for Central Europe to Helsingborg, the old buildings had also become too big. The Corporate Real Estate (CRE) division of the Group checked all the options and finally decided in favour of the new building. With the new terminal, DHL Freight Sweden is now in the ideal position to provide convincing solutions at this important location today and in the future.

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