Four percent surcharge in peak season

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This summer DHL expects a similarly high demand for road freight as last year
and has to adjust its prices accordingly.

Demand exceeds capacities 

DHL Freight, one of Europe's leading road transport providers, will add a surcharge for this year's peak season from September to December 2019. The average four percent surcharge applies to:

-  all full truck loads (FTL),
- all partial truck loads (PTL) and
- for Less-than-Truck (LTL) programs.

In this way, DHL Freight ensures to keep the highest quality of service for its customers, even if demand continues to exceed the available capacity.

The cargo hold is not the problem

 "The acute shortage of drivers and continuously growing demand for overland transport are having a sustained effect on the supply of capacity in the market,” explains Martin Leopold, Chief Sales Officer at DHL Freight. “Of course, we have and will continue to provide the necessary cargo space for our customers. However, in order to ensure the high level of service quality and reliability that our customers expect, we need to add a Peak Season Surcharge of an average of four percent."

We stand for service quality and reliability - even at
peak capacity and in demanding conditions.

DHL Freight Chief Sales Officer Martin Leopold

DHL meets driver shortage
DHL recently launched a driver initiative. The pilot project is currently running at five locations in Germany. More than 50 truck drivers have already been recruited and 30 top-equipped trucks have been purchased. If the project is successful, DHL Freight intends to hire up to 500 additional truck drivers in Europe.

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