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Focus on Your Business: the DHL SME Hub

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are fundamental to the global economy. When it comes to shipping issues and logistics challenges, they have their own specific requirements and deserve targeted support. To further enhance our SME customer offering, DHL Freight and DHL Group have developed the new DHL SME Hub: a comprehensive logistics platform designed specifically for SMEs. Initially available only to customers in Italy and the UK, it will be rolled out across Europe.

Intensive Research, Best Services for SMEs

As the world’s leading logistics company, our mission is to deliver the most reliable and flexible global shipping and e-commerce fulfillment solutions to help SMEs grow their businesses and better meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

To find out how we can continue to improve, we talked directly to the people who keep the wheels of the global economy turning every day. We wanted to know: What logistics challenges are SMEs facing? What questions are they looking for answers to? What problems do they want solved, and how do they envision their ideal shipping partner?

Clear Yet Comprehensive

Often it comes down to the practical: “How can I ship quickly and easily, even if I have an unusual item or need to ship to a country I don't normally ship to?”

What is in demand here is nothing less than one-click solutions. Our discussion partners want applications that are quick and easy to set up and intuitive to use. The entire portfolio must be available in just a few steps, from sustainable shipping options and express to the transportation of heavy goods or freight with special requirements.

Helping You Make the Right Decision

When selecting a logistics service provider, it is critical for SMEs to know who their future partner is and on whom they can rely. Especially in e-commerce, a positive customer experience depends on the quality of service provided by the logistics partner. Information about a logistics company’s market position and areas of activity, as well as statistics on reliability and delivery speed, can help you make this decision. 

And once the decision is made, many people do not want to mess around with time-consuming registration processes: “I want to know how to become a customer immediately, without having to search for a long time.”

Multichannel Communication

Participants in the discussion groups want to be able to open an account online with as much automation as possible – that is, without having to talk to a human being. However, if an issue does arise, the communication between the shipper and the logistics partner needs to be direct, with immediate support for any questions that may occur before, during, or after shipping. Real help from real people, delivered with precision.

The SME Hub – the Quickest Way to the Most Effective Solution

After an intensive exchange with people from the SME world, our teams of experts set about processing and analyzing the newly acquired wealth of data to develop the DHL SME Hub as an online logistics infrastructure where SMEs can find reliable information, easy access to all services, and valuable support for all issues. The DHL SME Hub is now available in Italy and the UK. But SMEs in other European countries can look forward to it: The Hub will gradually be rolled out across Europe.

Everything You Need to Know About Us

Who are we and what can we do for you? The hub is structured to help you quickly discover the services we can best support your SME with. Whether you are looking for a shipping partner for your startup, want to expand your shipping options, or need a solution to help you grow globally.

In the SME Hub, you can learn about our expertise in the areas

  • shipping and fulfillment,
  • customs clearance,
  • sustainability,
  • digital services and tools.

The hub takes you straight to where your business requirements are met. Here you will find solutions for shipping parcels and documents, for transporting heavy or bulky goods, for scalable e-commerce fulfillment, or for customer portals and APIs to integrate DHL with your internal business systems and sales channels.

Overcoming Challenges with the SME Hub

Through the hub, you work directly with our global shipping experts, who turn logistics challenges into opportunities for your business. Ready to grow? Find out how we can get your global shipping up and running with full cost and service visibility. Or we can demonstrate how you can outsource your fulfillment with our solutions to respond to growing volumes with adequate capacity.

That’s what it always comes down to: you are facing a big challenge, and we can support you. The SME Hub is where all our expertise is bundled and together, we find a solution.

Our Collective Expertise at Your Fingertips in the Knowledge Hub

Another important component of the SME platform is our Knowledge Hub, which comprises our decades of experience as a global logistics expert. We want to share our knowledge with you. When an SME is just starting out in international shipping, many questions arise. Articles on relevant topics such as import taxes, customs, purchase costs, or accompanying documents illustrate the challenges inherent in shipping goods globally.

What’s more: since we know that the world of e-commerce is as complex as implementing effective fulfillment, we have developed a dedicated DHL Fulfillment Network Knowledge Hub for our SME customers. Because your business deserves world-class fulfillment. And when it comes to freight forwarding – whether by land, sea, or air – the Freight Education Center leaves no question unanswered.

Benefit Quickly in the DHL SME Hub

Customer focus is paramount to us. To put your plans into action, you can always contact our experts directly from any page of the SME Hub: to easily create a customer account tailored to your needs, request a quote, or receive personalized advice. Make the most of your opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.

Conclusion: SMEs Drive the Global Economy – and DHL Moves Everything for SMEs

We have listened and we understand: A high degree of automation or personal contact where required, transparent information on services and prices, concise explanations of crucial issues and effective, tailor-made solutions to logistics challenges – this is what helps SMEs move forward. To best support you and your business, we at DHL Freight and DHL Group have developed the DHL SME Hub: the direct route to the best logistics solution for your SME.

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