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For Transparency, Against Corruption: DHL Group Joins Transparency International Deutschland e.V. as a Corporate Member

DHL Group and Transparency International share the same values: transparency, honesty, and integrity. We respect these values when conducting our business and comply with all regulations to uphold them. To strengthen our commitment, DHL Group has become a corporate member of Transparency International. On the occasion of the United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day, we outline the implications of this in the following article.

What Membership at Transparency International Means for DHL

Transparency International is committed to fighting corruption and promoting transparency around the world. The leading anti-corruption organization offers corporate membership to companies wishing to actively support this fight. Transparency International acknowledges DHL Group’s dedication to fighting corruption and welcomes the Group as a corporate member. In Germany, DHL is the 27th corporate member of the “Coalition against Corruption”.

Prof. Dr. Julius Reiter, Transparency Germany’s board member responsible for the organization's corporate members, said: 

We are very pleased that DHL Group, as a globally active corporation, has joined our coalition against corruption. To effectively curb corruption, we need like-minded partners in politics, business and civil society. As part of our membership, we will intensify our trust-based exchange on meaningful measures for more transparency and better corruption prevention.

Prof. Dr. Julius Reiter,
Transparency Germany’s board member

By becoming a member, corporate partners of Transparency International Deutschland e.V. clearly demonstrate their rejection of corruption in any form and that they will not tolerate corrupt behavior, neither by themselves nor by partners and decision-makers. Corporate members of Transparency International are also obliged to meet high standards in the prevention of corruption.

One of the key pillars of our strategy is to ‘Keep the House in Order‘ – partnering with Transparency International reflects our unwavering commitment to clean, ethical, and sustainable business practices and I look forward to years of mutually beneficial exchanges.

Melanie Kreis, CFO DHL Group

In this Partnership Both Sides Win

The corporate members of Transparency International regularly come together for confidential meetings with the organization to exchange experiences and best practices in the prevention of corruption and the implementation of legal requirements. Discussions on ongoing legislative procedures relevant to corruption are also on the agenda. This is in the interest of both the companies as well as Transparency International.

For decades, Transparency International has served as a great resource for Compliance Officers by offering tremendous insight into corruption trends and by shining a spotlight on the corrosive effects of corruption. We are very proud to join in this public fight through our membership and reinforcing our dedication to helping to improve the communities in which we operate.

Gordon Weber, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, DHL Group

For DHL Group, being a member of Transparency International is more than making a clear stand for ethical business practices, integrity, and accountability, it also comes with strategic benefits:

  • Access to best practices, knowledge resources, and standards to strengthen anti-corruption measures
  • Strong market position and competitive edge with customers who value ethical business principles
  • Connecting and collaborating through a network of like-minded organizations, companies, and decision-makers who promote ethical business practices
  • Strengthening ethical credibility vis-à-vis society, partners, customers, and supervisory authorities

International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9

On December 9, 2003, the United Nations Convention against Corruption was presented to UN members for signing. Since then, the United Nations has celebrated the International Anti-Corruption Day every year on December 9 to raise awareness and strengthen the global fight against corruption. DHL Group and DHL Global Forwarding, Freight are now not only an active, but also a very visible part of this fight: for an ethical corporate culture and a better future for all.

We’re not only joining a powerful worldwide coalition to end the devastating impact of corruption – we’re also enhancing our compliance program by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing with other members. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our industry and shape a brighter future for societies around the world.

Dr. Sofia Halfmann, Senior Vice-President, Compliance & Export Control Officer, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight

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