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Evo rolls out

DHL Freight enters a new era of transport management efficiency.

In Grenoble in November 2018 DHL Freight CEO Uwe Brinks launched DHL Freight into a new era of transport management efficiency. Instead of running three main transport management software systems and surrounding applications, DHL Freight would soon be operating a single unified system called EVO. Compared to old solutions, EVO delivers:

  • more transparency
  • automated workflows
  • increased efficiency and
  • reduced waste.

It thereby adds value for customers, suppliers, and employees. 

Optimized processes

Historically, DHL Freight grew out of a heterogeneous mix of businesses that each ran their own dedicated transport management system. The different systems were connected but never fully integrated with regards to deviating business logic. Interfaces were required and cross border DHL Freight had to go through complex data validation procedures to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Thanks to EVO that is changing. And soon all key processes – from order entry to invoices – will run on a single IT platform with a centralized data base. When EVO is fully implemented data will be completely transparent in real-time across all countries within the network.

Implementation in 32 countries

By enabling a uniform standardized IT environment, EVO is helping DHL Freight to turn their digital future into reality. Currently, EVO is successfully rolling out across France and should be fully implemented in 32 countries by 2022.

In addition to EVO, a new Customer Service tool called ICE is currently being introduced to measure and improve the DHL customer experience. ICE is already in operation in eight countries.

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