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Digital big break


DHL Freight brings together shippers and transport providers in Europe – with the introduces new fully customized digital Freight platform Saloodo! It facilitates processing from one pallet to full truck load. Saloodo! helps companies to match their full truck load, part truck load and less than truck load offerings with transport providers’ capacities and find the appropriate provider according to their needs. With Saloodo!, shippers no longer need to deal with challenges such as lengthy price inquiries and comparisons or unreliable providers – they enjoy end-to-end control of their shipment processes within a single platform. Transport providers profit from guaranteed fast payment with streamlined invoicing and payment processes that improves accuracy. Early user testing during the pilot period has been implemented successfully in September and showed high customer satisfaction. As of January 2017, the platform shall be fully operational for all market participants. “Both companies and carriers benefit from this new business model”, explains Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight. “With Saloodo!, DHL offers a solution to promote the digitalization of the logistics industry and disrupt the traditional road freight business. The launch of the platform is a result of our strategy 2020 and promotes further growth due to its innovative and agile business model.”

Fast and easy

Saloodo! enables companies to find a suitable transport service provider at the touch of a button. The platform seeks to address common problems while searching for an appropriate and reliable transport service provider, such as lengthy price inquiries and comparisons or delays in the Proof of Delivery process, by offering instant access to a large number of DHL pre-qualified and peer-rated providers for fast quotes and easy transport booking. Shippers can pay, manage and track their shipments using a convenient dashboard. At the same time, Saloodo! offers carriers of all sizes a platform to market their company’s assets and capabilities to expand their customer base and locate suitable loads to further optimize their vehicles’ capacity. Saloodo! also facilitates accurate invoicing, payment and electronic Proof of Delivery submission processes so carriers can profit from guaranteed fast payment. Truck drivers using the Saloodo! mobile app receive jobs directly on their smartphone, and automatic status alerts throughout the transportation journey. The extensive range of services provided by Saloodo! increases not only DHL’s own, but also its customers’ efficiency and competitiveness.

Customer experience at the core

User needs and requirements are at the core of Saloodo! and actual users have been involved from the start of design and development of the platform. The iterative product development allows the software design to evolve in response to user needs and feedback. After the initial launch, further functionalities will be added gradually, including a real-time chat option and mobile document scanning via the mobile app.

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