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DHL Services for Reckitt: Successful Audit at Raunheim Freight Center

At its Raunheim site in the German Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, DHL provides transportation and warehousing services for Reckitt, a global player in the consumer goods industry. In March, DHL FoodLogistics and Reckitt conducted a joint audit at the Raunheim freight center. The outcome: The excellent quality of DHL’s transportation and warehousing services in Raunheim meets GDP standards.

Audit Confirms Custom-fit Logistics Solutions

Whether automotive, healthcare, or food – each industry has its specific requirements and DHL has extensive expertise in adapting logistics services to the needs of each individual customer. This also applies to the successful collaboration with Reckitt in Germany.

About Reckitt

Better known than the name of the global consumer goods company itself are the numerous brands Reckitt is known for as a manufacturer of hygiene and health products, including Durex, Gaviscon, Nurofen, and Sagrotan. Reckitt protects, heals, and cares for a cleaner and healthier world. The company is committed to ensuring that access to hygiene, healthcare, and nutrition is not a privilege but a fundamental right for everyone. Reckitt’s German subsidiary is based in Heidelberg.

Which Conformities Have Been Confirmed

The objective of the audit was to verify the GDP compliance of the transportation services provided by DHL FoodLogistics as well as the GDP compliance of the cross-docking warehouse in Raunheim under the responsibility of DHL Global Forwarding.

This included a thorough warehouse inspection with a comprehensive review of the technical infrastructure that ensures the quality of warehouse performance and GDP compliance: for example, temperature mapping, the control system, or the functionality of the alarm system.

As well as reviewing the quality management system at the Raunheim site, the audit also covered GDP compliance of the entire portfolio of all associated transportation services, including compliance in the selection of service providers.

“The successful audit is the basis for future mutually successful cooperation with Reckitt. It also highlights the quality of our transportation organization, as well as our excellent storage and handling capabilities.“

Mario Huste, Key Account Manager Life Sciences & Healthcare DHL FoodLogistics

Our warehouse in Raunheim and all the logistics services provided there passed the audit with flying colors. According to Reckitt Germany, the audit is valid for three years. We at DHL Freight look forward to continuing our good cooperation with this well-established brand manufacturer.

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