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49 years at DHL Freight

Terminal History Earlier Today

Having started working at Danzas in 1974, José Luis de Dios gained experience in several different positions at DHL Freight and managed the Madrid terminal in Spain starting on June 2007. Now, it’s time to say goodbye.

José Luis de Dios, born in 1958, started his career in the air department and continued as an administrative officer in road cargo. Later, he worked as Head of Road Transport and Warehouse Manager before becoming the Terminal Manager in Madrid.

José Luis, was there a day at DHL Freight you will never forget?

After 49 years at this company, it is very difficult to choose a specific moment. I could pick the day when the Central Office entrusted me with the management and control of the Madrid-Coslada warehouse. Back in the year 2000, a new terminal was launched with the cohabitation of several divisions’ warehouses.

It was a great responsibility and a very important challenge in my already extensive career in various departments. It has marked me throughout the years.

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What are your plans for the future?

With luck and health, you go through life’s stages personally and professionally. It spans from childhood to youth and to maturity. The first two are more personal but maturity is only possible by combining them with work to get the full picture.

As I turn the page on my career and return to the natural cycle of life, it’s time to revisit moments of youth that were put aside due to lack of time. I’ll dedicate more time to hobbies, family, travel, sports, enjoying life and a dose of “dolce far niente”. In other words, my family awaits me.

On behalf of the entire DHL Freight team, we would like to express our gratitude for your 49 years of passionate work. We are proud to have been able to accompany you as a professional home for half a century and wish you a relaxing, well-deserved retirement!

José is a special person for many reasons. Mainly because he gave me the opportunity to join the company almost 15 years ago. He was my first boss, and I remember that stage fondly.

Rubén Gavela Managing Director DHL Freight Iberia

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