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Weak start to the year: an industry in search of freight

Marcel Frings [Photo: TimoCom]

The European transport sector has experienced a weak start during the first two months of this year. Accordingly, the freight share in relation to the available capacity was 36:64 in January. In February, the freight share in the transport market fell by a further 15 percentage points. However, it seems that the rising temperatures are also slowly beginning to have a warming effect on the transport market.
Traditionally March tends to see in increase in transports, especially in view of Easter being just around the corner. TimoCom's Chief Representative Marcel Frings therefore remains optimistic: “In our daily analysis of the transport market data in Europe we can already see a slight spring awakening. This will lead to a further alignment of the freight-to-cargo space ratio. However, the big question remains as to whether the market can take the March momentum into the second quarter.”

Positive annual results 2015


The final assessment for 2015 shows a freight-to-cargo space ratio of 47:53, which is two percentage points more than the previous year (45:55). The share of freight was actually above the comparative values of the previous years in all quarters. With a freight surplus of more than ten percent compared to the previous year, the second quarter provided a particular reason for smiles among providers of cargo space.


Marcel Frings



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