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Transport barometer


Upwind in the autumn The TimoCom transport barometer for the third quarter of 2016 showed a cargo to cargo space ratio of 55:45. This makes it so far the most freight-intense quarter of the year. And this time each one of the three months was above the theoretical optimum of 50:50 – and thus clearly better than the comparison periods of the past two years.

Positive summer effects: more freight

  • In July TimoCom recorded a freight share of 54 percent. When looking at the month of July over the past years, one can see that the value has constantly increased from year to year.
  • In August freight fell to 51 percent. Thus, the freight levels remained relatively stable. All in all the European transport market was this time much more active during the summer period than in recent years.
  • In September a freight share of 61 percent was the annual and quarterly highlight and thus heralded the possible start of a golden freight autumn. “The significant increase is attributable to the good late summer, which caused a lot of movement in terms of people and freight," explains TimoCom Company Spokesman Marcel Frings. Furthermore, September was also much better than in recent years: The freight share in 2015 was significantly weaker at 52 percent while in 2014 it was 53 percent.

A look at the absolute figures also shows that in the third quarter 2016 more freight and vehicle offers were entered in the TimoCom transport platform than in the same period of the previous year.

Freight-rich prospects


After a strong third quarter, the exciting question is what we can expect in the next few months. Marcel Frings is confident: “The signs from September are a good indication of a cargo-rich autumn. It seems as though the high level will be maintained.”


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