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Continuous improvement


The primary focus of the FREIGHT 2020 strategy are our customers. The most important goal of the 2018 satisfaction survey is to find out more about their thoughts and wishes. Our aim is to continuously deliver the best possible quality. Because only that will bring the satisfaction on which long-term successful business relationships are based. For us, quality means punctuality, reliability, good advice and transparency in price and performance. DHL Freight is already providing excellent service in all of these areas. However, there might still be a few things that can be adjusted to further improve – so that we not only satisfy our customers but actually inspire them. And those are the things we need to work on. That is why we are carrying out our customer satisfaction survey, starting on April 10. It will be conducted for the first time in all countries in which DHL Freight offers its services. In doing so, we are dependent on your support. Let us know what you think! We not only want to find out whether you are generally satisfied with us, but we also want to identify critical points and receive suggestions for improvement from your point of view. All customers who have shipped consignments with DHL Freight over the past 12 months will receive an invitation to participate by e-mail between April 10 and May 4. It will be sent out by The survey will be conducted via an online tool for which the access data will be included in the invitation. Of course, participation is voluntary, and all surveys are treated anonymously. Answering the questions will take only about 10 minutes of your time. The results will be directly incorporated in our work, thus you and all other customers will be benefiting immediately. If you are also interested in the results, you can request them from us after the evaluation in late summer. We would like to thank you in advance for joining in, so that we can continue to provide you with the best quality in the future. Kind regards, Antje Huber Chief of Marketing, Global Head of Strategy and Chief of Staff DHL Freight

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