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Quality time for our customers


If you’re in a rush, it’s sometimes easy to overlook certain details. That’s why DHL Freight is giving its sales team time and space for even more intensive customer relationships. High quality is the focus of the company’s Freight 2020 strategy and that’s exactly what we want to deliver to our customers. In fact, we want to do it significantly better than in the past. This applies not just to DHL Freight’s sales in-office, at our local offices, or directly at our clients’ locations. So what does this entail? At a minimum, it means taking more time for you, our customers, even more than we have before. This is how we will get to know each other better and create the mutual trust that is so fundamental to business in the 21st century.

Creating Freedom

Sales is much more than just delivering a pitch, as everyone knows. Contracts need to be written or reviewed, data sets managed, and future meetings scheduled. All of these administrative tasks take a lot of time, but is it truly necessary for key account manager to handle it all themselves? We think not. In the future, we want to shift as much of the organizational work to our sales assistants. This will create more time for our outside sales team to work even more closely on meeting the needs of our clients.

Being Proactive

The knowledge we gain from such relationships is tremendously important, especially in a time when supply chains and logistics processes are becoming increasingly complex. This is our goal for the future: not just to be there when our clients need us, but also to understand their needs so well that we can recognize those needs ahead of time and offer services to support our clients as they face their next challenges. This will also help early identification of any issues that might arise and offering the right solution at the right time. We intend to live this practical approach, so we have optimized our sales channels as necessary, rearranged territories for better coverage, and added local key account managers. This will have the side effect of making our sales team’s travels more efficient, too, once again meaning more time for our clients, for you.

New IT and Workshops

Of course, there’s also no stopping the further optimization of the technical side of sales, either. We are currently setting up a new customer service tool that will allow us deeper insights into client histories and be able to offer quicker and specific solutions to your needs. We are significantly shifting all of our tools and processes to focus on the client’s perspective to help us better understand their needs. Last but not least, we are also planning regular workshops for our sales teams where they can exchange ideas and experiences, learn best practices from each other, and about opportunities to create more time for customer relationships. All with an eye towards transparency, standardization, and quality! Thank you very much for your faith in our company and the outstanding collaboration over the course of this year! We are looking forward to an interesting 2018 with intensive discussions and fascinating projects! In keeping this spirit we do wish you happy holidays and a great start to the new year! Martin Leopold, Chief Sales Officer, DHL Freight

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