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Losing momentum, but still riding high


New Heavy Truck Registration within the European market During the first half of 2017, the numbers of new heavy goods vehicles (HGV) in Europe grew by just 2,2 %, compared with the relevant timeframe 2016. The biggest boosts to the market were:

  • Italy (+23 %)
  • France (+6 %)
  • UK (+ 6 %)

June figures are slightly below last years numbers, but still at relatively high absolute level. Comparing just the values of June 2017 with the values of June 2016, new HGV registrations in the EU decreased by -1,0 per cent, with the biggest losses in:

  • Romania (-18 %)
  • Germany (-11 %)

On the other hand, there were also some outstanding numbers:

  • Spain (+15 %)
  • France (+11 %)
  • United Kingdom (+11 %)

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